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  1. ye mate decided against the deerhound greys didnt think they were for me ,, the 9 month old is a treat to work with still a bit young to see what is capable of il send you some vids of him or pictures of him of what hes like so far think another pup now will be easier than if i had one year down the line
  2. ye but as i dont know him i wouldn do it because he could just say he aint had it lol .. dad kelpie grey dam kelpie collie grey so pretty much half cross? with a dash of collie
  3. ye mate he seems decent enough on the phone and the dam looks in top condition considering she had a litter a week ago hopes look tidy to but have to have a word with him because i dont want to find away 4 hours a way to give a deposit then go all way back up to get it because a 200 pup as gone to 360 pup - 400 pup lol
  4. ye mate i meant i aint had it lol only thing im thinkin about is the pups r 200 and its 4 hours away and noone has heard of him hes sent me pics of mam and full litter and the sire is on the add with a few bunnys
  5. i had the pup,, they are 1 week old im trying to find out more about his dogs from people who knew him ,, by the looks of it no-one does lol..
  6. hmmm,... anyone now if dave platt is still breeding his kelpie x grey
  7. hmm seen his ad in the countrymans weekly he just had a litter of kelpie x greyhound ,, the only person i heard people talking about who breeds them is dave platt .. woundering if anyone has head of jim and whats his dogs like
  8. after looking at all different breeds of lurchers and which one i think will suit me ,, if gone for john nicks kelpie x greyhound anyone baught one of him and any pictures how they turned out ?
  9. red mills the lurcher is on so will it be ok to give to a terrier pup? before i had need to as much as it is
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