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  1. I've got some taktic here if you're still needing something
  2. I may have something for you mate , pm me . Your inbox is full
  3. Up for sale in misc
  4. Up for sale in misc
  5. Sportdog tek 2.0 as new few months old Hand held unit plus one collar and chargers . Unlimited lifetime map updates from sportdog, 10 mile range comes with carry case but no instructions ( these are easily downloadable from manufacturers web site . Cost 900 open to offers
  6. I've just ordered taktic , expensive initially but lasts for a few years and ok on pregnant and lactating bitches . Pups over 4 months can have a soak too , it covers fleas , tics , mange , mites ect . Mix at 6ml per 10l for everything but mange , Soak dog and leave to dry .
  7. Bitch is on trial later this week , and if she meets requirements will be rehomed . Thanks for the interest from lads who messaged , I answered in order of reply and first one is coming to see her . If it falls through I will message next in line . Cheers
  8. Black rough bitch for sale , returned to breeder due to wife problems . Bitch works cover , opens up and loves water . She's under 2yrs and bred from a line of good Russells to a rough black bitch , never been to ground and parents were out and out bushers . Any trial welcome Worcestershire. Don't bother replying if you can't string a sentence together ! She will not be going to an idiot . Bitch is back with original breeder , pm me and I will pass on details . £200
  9. £1850 Gloucestershire Boxed with carry bag , original receipt , car charger and paperwork Used for a seasons lamping , all working and cared for , selling to upgrade to newer xd model . On eBay if you want to see pics
  10. Worcestershire, pics too big for here , WhatsApp or email is no problem . Pm me
  11. two dog pups left from litter of 8 . Razor is buddy x Kim (buddy is foxy x Charlie ) ( Kim is Smokey x dancer ) Dam is buddy x sal bull grey Pm if interested
  12. https://youtu.be/5_d8OLDC584 3 weeks today
  13. What size is your bitch nobjerk and how's she bred? she's a cracker btw She's 24" and was bred by wild bill , at nearly 6 yrs old this is her first and last litter . Been a pleasure to own . Buddy x sal bull grey Cheers
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