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  1. as dc said there irish lasses knock the spots off the beast lol
  2. lol dark hair and eyes kanny lol
  3. i bet 90 mpercent of the irish wish her family and her never even seen ireland on the facking map never mind putting them on the map
  4. they are and been a black immigrant wins it fack all to do with looks naomi campbell she isnt lol more virtue signalling its getting tiresome
  5. its a facking farce won because she is an immigrant its pathetic man more virtue signalling to the masses
  6. shiny and coat condition is more about health than fitness
  7. I recon good grub warm kennel and plenty of rubbing down stroking brushing mate Won't get em shining like that without a bit of effort You been brylcreaming your akita you nut case
  8. we have the lying c**t fausi really him and his cronies have killed over 1 million people and people think hes great and doing good you couldnt make it up he needs locking up funding a chinese lab to make bat viruses infect humans then saying it happened by evolution the lying facker and gormless people believe him
  9. its getting faacking silly were a nation a sheep without a doubt
  10. Any descent kibble soaked and extra fat added when getting worked hard will do the trick if just feeding kibble
  11. Looks like dermodectic mange mate some dogs are prone to it immune system struggles with it Advocate or stronghold nexgard etc all have its coat back good in no time mate Plus it flea and wormed aswell for most things If not even kids head lice shampoo might be sound or benzyl benzoate on effected area Hope you get it sorted mate
  12. Id advocate on it mate or stronghold Diet is key but so is making sure no parasites mate
  13. Your are away with the fairy’s shh
  14. change me name from magoo to pinky and the brain
  15. cains bitch lol she looks strong mate powerful runner and its hard to tell whats under that coat legs off like f**k migth look fast mate but looks are decieving i look rapid legs off like f**k but lads jogging keeping up lol
  16. i agree if the bitch is the type youn want something similar is the way
  17. why would she need pace injecting into her she seems capable on most things mate theres looking fast and been fast mate 2 complete different things and speed is useless if theres no sense in how to use it lol
  18. crunched and gone like boar constrictor soon get out of it to busy scanning for the next lol i dont feed raw hare always skinned boiled up
  19. sheep kick em off mate lol just bark at it lol i was lucky mate all full a beans none nervy skulking thank f**k lol
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