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  1. Watched a couple they have had some good fish I just dont like the 'shape' of monster carp. Huge bellied short fish, prefer fish to be sleek myself - to each their own
  2. I have a Titan Manitou and it loves Air Arms Field 16 grain or JSB Exact 16 grain I just found that JSB do a 'heavy' Exact at 18 grain not tried them yet! I was told by John Bowkett that when they set up the Titans they used Bisley Magnums to keep the lower weight pellets under 12ft lb
  3. Truck now sold via another forum, thanks for the interest
  4. Have advertised this on here before. Got comments and 'def interested' but it still sits on my mates driveway!! Its a cheap purpose converted lamping truck at £550 has mot, mud terrain tyres with loads of tread left. If you need more info please ask as its difficult to explain all features.
  5. May have to put this on flea bay now as no takers and it has to go! Thought someone would be interested or know a man who was. if it goes on flea bay hes putting a res of 550 on it. You have to bear in mind its been converted purely as a one off shooting truck its not just an L plate vitara!!
  6. Thanks it is a great truck to shoot from and difficult to get all detail in pictures. Mate says price is now £650 Cant believe no one is interested
  7. Its finally time to say goodbye to a faithful lamping partner! The old L reg Vitara is being upgraded and its replacement is now ready to roll. So if anyone is interested in a custom converted lamping truck as per the following pic let me know. My mate wants around £800 Currently has 11 months mot. off road tyres, purpose made platfrorm roof of plastic (non rot) 'ply' with 'tank turret' hatch, there is also an external gun box in front of the hatch with lid, has tow bar and bull bars. Comes pretty much as per pic. Think he still has the second rear seat somewhere if required. Truck is in Ca
  8. Captain pug wash lol what was the names in that master bates I remember but sure there was other iffy ones to Seaman Stains Roger the Cabin Boy
  9. We use both the HMR and 22 on rabbits depending on location. Personally I like the 22 but my mate hates it preferring the HMR. When we are out, in my eyes, he gets into 22 range when I have the HMR to hand and stops at HMR range when the 22 is being used. I try to tell him but he just says 'if you wanna use that pop gun get on with it!! Guess both shoot sub 40mm groups, at respective zeros, at present I would like them a bit tighter
  10. http://g.ifaw.org/12NNqDF Not sure if this appears on this topic but thought I would post anyway!! or this! http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/chief-vet-we-need-badger-cull-to-prevent-spread-of-tb-to-humans-8638379.html
  11. LMFAO 3 most hurtful words you could get would be Are you in? or Is that it!
  12. All this talk of 'big cats' I would love to see one when out lamping with the rifle
  13. For the most of us the name on the gun makes no odds its about what you can afford. Any of the guns readily available off the shelf will outshoot their owners. Personally the scope you get is far more important, if you cant see your target no matter what gun you chose you wont hit it!!
  14. Tried an 'electric' call personally thought it was shite to each their own
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