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    Anyone have an older steel Silencer for the HW77 for sale Please. Any condition, Thanks all, Col.


  2. Wanted. HW77 Silencer View Advert Anyone have an older steel Silencer for the HW77 for sale Please. Any condition, Thanks all, Col. Advertiser Colin g Date 20/12/21 Price Category Airguns  
  3. Pity Optics warehouse have sold the lot but more will be in stock for Xmas, Had mine a while now and at the moment it does what it says on the box, Mine also came with battery and 32g card as well, The best thing is that it only puts around 40mm on the scope without the rubber eye cup due to the prism method of viewing so is more manageable. I dont use the eye cups on anything at all as i sometimes wear glasses. Was a bit doubtful of the prism lens for fogging or misting in the rain as there is no easy way to clean it at a quick glance but not had a problem with it at all... Its a lit
  4. Bugger,,,,, Thought it was true left handed for a moment, Grandsons after a lefty. Good luck with the sale
  5. Thats because everyone is breaking perfectly good rapids for even more silly money jjm. Not many full rifles for sale at the moment, even on the rapid forum these days. Mine are stopping in one piece, I have no intentions of breaking any, Col.
  6. Wanted.. Gloss Scope. View Advert Looking for a nice mint variable gloss scope with ao lens around 40mm objective please guys... Bausch & Lomb, Tasco, Nikko Stirling Platinum, Leupold, Bushnell Elites, Etc. Thanks all, Col. Advertiser Colin g Date 30/06/20 Price Category Scopes and Optics  
  7. One on BBS but I guarantee you wont like the price. Col.
  8. Same guy,, Think all the shooters in the country left naughty paedophile comments on his you tube vids and he has been doing a very good job of removing anything to do with himself from the internet hoping we will all forget.
  9. On the sex offenders registry now so wont be on you tube any more. https://theukdatabase.com/2016/04/22/malcolm-barnard-hemel-hempstead/
  10. No ta mate, Cost me 450.00, Not bothered about keeping it if its to much,  Col.

  11. Have a gladiator in .22, Don't think they came in a case though, Col
  12. Thanks John, falcon arrived this morning, Very pleased indeed and the best packaged rifle I have ever received, Pleasure buying from you. Regards, Col.
  13. Thanks Jon, Very kind of you mate, Had not noticed the sling for some reason, Very nice, Putting the Optima gamekeeper scope on it that I had on my last one. I feel better now knowing I have another Falcon at hand, Wont be making the same mistake like selling the last one,,, Col.
  14. I bought it after seeing it advertised on various sites, Couldn't resist a little gem like this as I sold mine last year and regretted it since, It will be a nice one if jon owned it. Going to a good home, Col.
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