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  1. Black dog 1


    It's 6 month let it be a pup ffs
  2. Black dog 1


    Thought so
  3. Black dog 1


    Where they any good like herd there hard and get retired early
  4. Black dog 1


    You must like SE stuff rh Is that blood in any of your dogs by any chance
  5. Black dog 1

    worrying news

    I never said I kept a line my post was aimed at men who keep a line but the saying the future of terrier work is doomed...
  6. Black dog 1

    worrying news

    It's nothing to do with you what I keep tbh mate
  7. Black dog 1

    worrying news

    True i don't think I could stop its like a drug its all I think about
  8. Black dog 1

    worrying news

    Well if that's the case we might as well pack in now stop breeding pups or try to carry a line on if there's no future for it
  9. Black dog 1

    worrying news

    I hope my son does follow in my footsteps I'd sooner him in a field with a dog then stud on street corners or sat on a computer
  10. Black dog 1

    worrying news

    I agree with you on that one it costs 31k a year to keep someone in prison for a year never mind 5 years for hunting with your dog
  11. Black dog 1

    Pups stolen

    Glad you got them back
  12. Black dog 1


    Bloods the same though
  13. Black dog 1

    Border x lakey pup

    Nice pup sire and Dam look well worked as well so bonus