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  1. Definitely not any kind of bull in, he’s 100% pure whippet.
  2. Nightmare... they always jump up in the worst places Glad to hear she’s all healed up now. Mine pulled his nail a couple week ago, couldn’t put his foot down for a week hate feet injury’s
  3. Great memories there they can punch above their weight that’s for sure they will always have a place in my heart, I’ll never forget the memories Iv made with mine
  4. A lot make them out to be ‘working whippets’ really they are just net guarders doing 2-3 ferreting days a year. I’m not in any whippet cliques but I’d have another off the people who bred my whippet in a heartbeat if they bred again and the timing was right, and got a couple mates who work theres hard I’d take a pup off if I needed one. Your bang on that the whippet has been seized by peddlers, £3500 top price Iv seen for ‘working whippet’ pups... I’d never have one again if I had to pay that kind of money.
  5. It’s all about who you know... I’m confident if I wanted another I could get one at a sensible price.
  6. That’s the kind of dog I like to run! It makes you cringe at times and you often expect that slip to be the dogs last... but they run like they mean it and they would die for their quarry. Iv seen mine run off cliff edges on the lamp, he’s ran straight through barbed wire after a rabbit that’s gone through, made the catch and then Iv seen he’s missed ripping his eye out by the skin of his teeth... I don’t like watching dogs that mess about teasing quarry I want them to hit it at 100mph.
  7. He’s a ped whippet. Still got him, he’s 8 year old and 21tts. He’s Still putting plenty to rest I just don’t do as much with him now as iv got my young dog to bring on. But he still sees his fair share of game ... yes dog prices are horrendous, Iv seen whippets from working stock advertised for £3500 I’m not even sure if dog prices will drop much now that people have had a sniff of good money, just gotta hope people you know will do right by you and sell you a dog at a sensible price.
  8. Been a belting season for me to be honest I travelled until the weather on the hills ment I couldn’t (and if I could it’s pointless lamping in it anyways...) plenty bits local kept the freezer topped up blue has shown his true colours and old shellys done his bit to earn his keep. Couldn’t have asked for a better season under the circumstances. Now blues got a little toe injury so he’s resting up and I’ll let them chill out just doing bits of ratting till next season... I can’t wait
  9. I prefer the 3/4 stuff myself, you lose too much speed with half terrier... just something differnt isn’t it, im enjoying it Got the chance to use my whippet over half X for a pup back so jumped at the chance. I get on with the dog so it all worked out great.
  10. I know I’ll never get another the same as him, you can’t re create dogs. But it’s the breeding that’s thrown everything Iv listed. You can’t teach prey drive or magic up thick skin and strong build out of thin air. The only reason I really went for that x was to basicallY build a stronger dog than my whippet with a better coat.
  11. Was a strange litter, some look like pure whippets, one was broken coated, one looks like a saluki whippet most of the dogs were strong types. A few inches difference in height between the biggest dog and smallest bitch. But these are 3/4s... the dogs I seen from the first X litter all looked the same stamp of dog tbh. Rough coated, solid build and round about the same height.
  12. Thanks and Yes done a few ferreting vids with him, a couple lamping and I was there ratting in Scotland
  13. Id like to always have a pure whippet around... so if I lost my whippet I’d get another pure but if I needed another lurcher and I had the chance for another of this breeding I’d 100% go for it. He’s everything I need in a working dog. perfect height, build, speed, nose, drive and thick skin. If I could recreate that dog I’d take it every time.
  14. Yes this is the dog in mikeys YouTube vids. And yes I get what your saying 100%, where do you find good a good Irish terrier in the uk? I was tempted to get one to work myself and put it to a whippet but the price of them put me off
  15. Pups are silly money at the minuite. Even working bred pups in Carlisle are being sold for over a grand on the pet sites... my whippet was due to go over a beddy whippet bitch the other day but we missed her That would have been perfect for you. It’s all personal preference what people like to run but me personally I like whippets and whippet Xs. Hope you find a pup soon, good luck in your search
  16. Sorry for your loss mate. The memories you made will last a lifetime, they will come flooding back when you walk over fields she made catches on. RIP Fly.
  17. No he’s not associated with that we’re starting our own line ‘mouse runners’
  18. Since I introduced my young lurcher earlier today I thought I’d introduce my Old dog who’s a pure whippet. He was my first real working dog and we’ve learned a lot together, he’s not perfect by any means... Iv made a lot of mistakes bringing him on with him being my first dog but he’s a trier and we’ve killed some gear together, made memories to last a lifetime. So here he is old Sheldon
  19. Yes, my old albino jill was a brilliant ratting ferret. Unfortunately she died last summer, my tiny sandy jill would be perfect but she’s very hit n miss on them. She will work them but on her terms. Hob is way too big and Iv not tried my other sandy jill yet. Never made my ferrets aggressive, they can be a bit jumpy when you pick them up after they’ve killed a rat but that’s it.
  20. They could throw anything really, I prefer lighter coloured ferrets personally because you can see them easier in hedgerows.
  21. Yes been on a few of his vids. Few ferreting, couple lamping and ratting in Scotland
  22. He has Wheaton Xs doesn’t he?
  23. Snapdog lines hahah best hope he’s not gay
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