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  1. Awfff.... Now ya talking... If you got two flog one. But... Still if is a seriously serious Rifle that.
  2. One that practiced a lot. And wasn't very good faaaaark
  3. Everyone just uses Rat Works for BSA mate.
  4. Don't buy a pistol in 22...Well I wouldnt. Not one that nice.... Seems little point. IMHO
  5. Thats good news mate indeed. I have to say why I asked. I have a Sheffield stock and the area around the trigger and thumb hole are near exact to the eye (with my gun in the cab) my stock wraps a 97 though
  6. Is that defo a Warren Edwards stock? When was the stock made?
  7. I use FX Branded 4.51 and 4.52 JSBs, I use AA JSBs when I can't get the FX Branded ones, which I'm told is permanently gonna be the case now.
  8. Yeah weight is good for Benchrest for which this is the ultimate tool imho... With the right stock...
  9. I've heard good things about Rat Works and I've heard of Rifles needing leaks fixed.. But one thing I do know, is I own a very recent HW100 if you weight a dozen pellets it will shoot them with only a few fps deviation fill after fill... And it will nail single home groups at 35 yards with a whole mag going through one small hole. Thars why I'm sceptical it can bettered.
  10. I do understand that unique challenge of having a forum dedicated to the use of a device often used for pest control, and having therefore people like us going to said place. And then running it as if you were running the Student Union at East London University, the notably worst university in the country at that. That is a unique challenge seemingly of their own choosing
  11. Bat shit crazy... Whoever it was that ran that forum and banned all those people for their views. Was fekkin Bat Shit Crazy... Madder than my ex wife after half a bottle of Chardonnay. And that's fekkin saying something that is lads.
  12. This was always gonna eba contentious subject. I'd love a Regal, they are well growing on me. But when ab RFD won't sell me a gun they have in stock when they've had thousands of my pounds...... Something is wrong. And Daystates customer attitude is what's wrong
  13. One thing I'll promise you, with no fear of fiction.... Daystate are the worst air weapons manufacturer in the country. Their support is shocking, they're quality control is at no where near the price point of the Rifles... The guns have reasonable barrels and we'll designed mechanical actions, the electronic triggers however are on version 8 or 9... Now imagine you were the poor b*****d that bought version 2? None of that electronic trigger? It won't have been warranty it's was basically a defective product from the get go. Daystate have taken people's money to develop a product,
  14. See that warm spot in your lounge... Thars the gates of hell opening up and Jimmy's gonna come bursting through when you least expect it. I'd take it back hahaha x
  15. EBay. I forget the best sellers I've had good deals from the Wolfman
  16. Don't forget all the old morons are still there
  17. Hard to better one of them as your first gun
  18. I can't risk it mate. I don't think my mental health could take it lol
  19. Ahhh...... Well........ That would do it I guess. As much as I found the place full of argumentative zeolots I wouldnt wish death on anyone. Sad news for sure.
  20. Something has happened big time. They've sacked the mod that banned me I think or he's stropped off. Why change the DNS name? Why not import the old threads and just update it? Mmm.... Very fishy... Sounds like a face saving exercise... Or they got to critical mass with the amount of people they banned... Now I don't like Shauny... I find him arrogant. To the point that he disagrees with tuning approaches I've used and I know work... And are widely used... But disagrees with them in an unpleasant manner. However banning the resident springer tuner is madness
  21. Don't forget mate. They know better than you. It doesn't matter how long you've been shooting or doing field sports of any kind. They know all about you, your hobby and your personality because they can tell that from a few short paragraphs of text Complete morons
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