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  1. just like 2 doubled dogs on a good foxlol Right on brother. I agree, the same exact thing. HAHAHA! I do not usually hunt pure dogs that are sight type dogs that can catch and kill on their own. Reason being is that I usually have to get these coyotes trailed up for a bit so the dogs can then lay eyes on them and catch em. Got quite the mixed pack at times.
  2. Here is a pic of two coyotes taken before noon by these three dogs. And......of cousre the background is the pub or tavern as we call them that we were about to go into. Gotta drink pleny of beer after a tough day of huntin, ya know.
  3. This is just a pic I took on a Sunday night I believe over at the fur buyers place. It was just my catch from that weekend. I think I took four on Saturday and two on Sunday but I honestly just dont remember. I just know I was happy to catch 6 in one weekend. My pooches were extremely wore out and cold and wet. It was about 10 degrees during the day on this weekend and the ground was solid frozen snow and ice and it was real harsh conditions and I was proud as could be of my pooches. They did well under tough situations all weekend.
  4. Here is a short video we took of these two dogs killing a coyote. I hope it dont offend nobody. Also, I curse like a drunken Marine, which I am so please if it will bother any kids dont let em watch the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK-VYaQ2kWc
  5. I had an older Walker dog in on this coyote for just a short minute but pulled him off to see if the two young dogs could finish him. I remember the lurcher type dog caught it first but then was kind of gettin his ass whipped or at least takin some stick like yall say but he would stay, trust me.
  6. That first pic was of Tuck and Babe killing one. That coyote weighed 29 #'s I believe. I aint for sure but I seem to recall that weight or at least real close, might have been 30 but dont really remember. I just know it was a little below average but not much.
  7. I aint sayin I have had a bunch of single handed dogs but I have taken some yotes with dogs. One of the mods asked me to put up some pics. I dont know if I have put any of these up here before but here goes. I will give a little short story behind the pics if I can.
  8. I dont know you at all but you sure find it awful easy to be a prick. Nice set up stej. You should be proud of it. why all i did was give some constructive thoughts gained through experience,he asked what everyone thought so i said what i thought what the hell is wrong with that as im sure a lot of lads will agree they are good points,not picking trying to help the lad No big deal, I just thought you came off a little tough on the fella. I guess I took exception with the last thing you said about cost of the wooden one vs. the block deal. No big deal, I just thought you we
  9. I dont know you at all but you sure find it awful easy to be a prick. Nice set up stej. You should be proud of it.
  10. Just take care of it and feed it a good dry feed and maybe some meat and bone sometimes and you should be fine. Keep your dog healthy and get it out young for pleny of excersize and play time so it learns to use what the good Lord gave it and you will be fine. Fast dogs get hurt though so you might as well get used to that fact. I dont shit about Saluki crosses or anything of the sort though but I am sure they get hurt just the same although from "what I have read" they are a little more under control than the dogs we keep over here. Our fast dogs are pretty much as reckless as they get.
  11. Over here we have big rough greyhound type dogs that folks call coldbloods or stags, either way will do. Of course some will say the hairy dogs are stags and the smooth coated dogs are cold bloods but its all bullshit either way. Its about like sayin "pre-ban", its all BS. The hairy dogs are all born in the same litters as the smooth coated dogs usually so whats the difference really. Anyhow, they will take deer for sure without a doubt.
  12. littletimmy, I live a world apart from you but I have seen the kind of dogs you are talkin about. I cant really say they were any kind of breed but I know what you are referring to. Over here we dont have all the fractions of this breed and that breed but we do have the kind of dogs you are referring to. They are fast and agile but they can hold it and most importantly they WANT to catch and kill. Them are the kind I like brother. Matter of fact, them are usually the only kind I will feed. I have had a few of these kinds of dogs in my life but they werent any specific cross or breed.
  13. Ya, indiana is the buddy I was talkin about. We live a few hours from each other but he hooked me up with some Julys. I ran 2 of his July males for him last spring and also two of his Walker/July crosses, all fair dogs for sure.
  14. Thanks for sharing the pics. I like the looks of them longer haired hounds like that. I got me some Julys from a buddy that got a bunch of hair on em and I like em alot.
  15. Nice pics, Rocks. Like that signature a bunch by the way. LOL!
  16. She is not a stagxamerican bulldog cross. Her breeding is top secret. LOL! Just jokin but you were told wrong, sort of. HAHA!
  17. Thank's for you nice reply to what i think and i dont think it warrented me being called a first class idiot.. I dont have a greyhound but im sure if i could get hold of a fit 600yrd track dog that is pulling in good lap time's and winning race's against other greyhound's..would certainly leave any kind of running dog in the distance ..so in my eye's your post is from a first class idiot.. .. Millet Maybe thats how I should have replied to brookie but me being a foreigner and all, I thought I would put on my happy face. Well, that and if I was to say what I wanted, I wouldnt be allo
  18. i dont know where you get your info mate but theres not a greyhound in the world that would get near 50 mph and as for its a no brainer as you call it to any one thats had anything to do with running dogs ive been involved with dogs for over forty years and that includes open class greyhounds and coursing greyhounds . and pure salukis and lurchers i dont know why i bother to respond to any thread on here because you always get some pillock like your self make a reference to a dog getting close to 50 mph and the sarcky crack about the no brainer ive forgotten more about dogs im having some time
  19. My info was slightly outdated. As of 2006 the fastest recorded average speed for a racing greyhound from start to finish was 41.83 mph. Obviously approximately 2 seconds has to be given for the start and I would not know how to figure in the turns but its very evident that they slow way down on the turns if you have ever watched a race. So, I do not think it would be out of line to estimate that they can easily reach speeds upwards of 48 mph.
  20. You have to be careful when reading the literature. The average speed of top notch greyhounds on the track is near the 40 mph mark but the top end speed while on the straightaways is much higher near the 48 mph mark that has been documented on the track but some have said that certain dogs have reach right near 50 mph undocumented but I believe every bit of it. I know that the coyotes over here have been clocked at right at 43 mph and you should see some of our coldblood field greyhounds get up on them which tells me that they are running over 45 mph on uneven ground but of course that is af
  21. They have clocked salukis on the track and they reach speeds of up over 30 mph and can usually hold that speed though for several laps without faltering. The greys have been known to reach speeds of upwards of 48 mph and some can better that but cannot hold it over 3/8ths of a mile and most can only hold it for a quarter. That being said though, these greyhounds have been selectively bred for many years to play the game. Its a lure and not a hare. They know it but dont care, they just like to chase the lure. Its a game to them just as it is us but they like the game. I dont think you wil
  22. Absolutely not! There is no way that a jog with you is gonna hurt any breed of dog for 2 miles and if it does, you dont need that dog anyhow.
  23. Gettin killed in 30 seconds is not a good way to test a dogs or any animals gameness. I aint goin into details but that does not test gameness.
  24. I like gyps over a male dog any day but if a fella could only have one, it would have to be a big powerful male Stag for me that could run like the wind. Our coyotes are extremely fast and fight back very very hard. Stamina and endurance do not really catch coyotes but speed will. You would need the stamina for multiple catches in one day.
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