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  1. yes, mate, I'll see you there,im sure it's your turn to get the beer in haha
  2. well lads the menu for this year has got to be one of the best, burgers we have got--venison with jalapeno chilli, venison with aberdeen angus, minted lamb burgers, pigeon breasts, venison loins, steaks, and your beefburgers, hotdogs,(even thou the weather is going to be cooler thank you, God) all the judges are in place ,we are very grateful to everybody that supports this show as everything we take on the day goes back towards the upkeep and running of these hounds,they have given us good sport over the years as many of you have seen, once again thank you very much and we'll see you Saturday 24th June atb Andy PS don't forget the racing will start around 11am the showing is 1pm
  3. we had our meeting tonight, all looking good for the show, judges are all in place keeping up to the high standards of this very popular working dog show 24th June, just around the corner,see you soon Andy
  4. yes mate i can sort that out for you no problem
  5. i could,nt forget you boys,im feeling better now mate lol
  6. i,ve booked nice weather for our show ,24th june bryn bettws lodges tonmawr nr neath
  7. sorry neil,i must of been drunk lol
  8. Where is the great white hunter,i've been told because ireland is playing wales in cardiff ,he's gone out to america, to try and hide from me ,its not going to happen mate,you can run but you can't hide,i've spoke to oliver and i dare say what i told him,i've giving you the best welsh hound breeding in wales,which you are well aware of,but i can't help you with the rugby team mate,maybe next year i'll bring the hounds over to one of your festivals and you can see some good hunting ,make sure you clear alot of ground these are not bunny bashes
  9. Pelenna Valley foxhounds 24th june 2017,bryn bettws lodge tonmawr neath hound, terrier, lurcher, whippet, racing to start 11am show to start 1'0pm THEE SHOW IN WALES
  10. you are right ps but nobody can judge a days hunting ?
  11. thank you glyn for judging ,the amount of working terriers you judged was because of you mate,we have always gone for the top terrier judges ,people who have bred, worked,and are respected in the terrier world for what they have achieved, we are lucky that alot of genuine terrier boys that support our show are the same mined as us ,we also aim at the best of the best in the lurcher and whippet judges and this year it will be no different ,we pride ourselfs as thee working terrier and lurcher show in wales ,nobody in this club makes any money,everything we make on the show goes back into the up keep of the hounds, the support we have had over 30+ years through the show is fantantic, as for hunting the hounds that this show supports ,i've been told that they are ruthless at their job ,i put it all back to the boys for their support over the years ,past and present, roll on 2017 also i've been told a ruthless pack ?,but i put it down to all the support of the boys,which is second to none,we are all mates ,and i could'nt ask for any better,past and present,
  12. Pelenna valley foxhound summer show saturday 24th june, bryn bettws lodge tonmawr nr neath, racing to start at 11'00am, showing is 1'0pm,food drink raffles auction we got it all TOP JUDGES AS NORMAL ,got to be the best working dog show in wales,looking forward to seeing old friends and making new take care see you soon andy
  13. think they all just parade on the big meets, to many people about to do any hunting no problem there mate they don't do any hunting lol
  14. sorry mate i know its a bit late now lol
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