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  1. About a 65 to 70 pound male staghound. The only game that I really have to run is a coyote and if I had only one dog it would have to be a dog that could be a single handed coyote dog.
  2. Rolly, I didnt mean nothin towards you on the thread, bro. I just dont like the whole Dogo thing at all. Nick, the only dogs that I have ever seen that were good catch dogs were bulldogs. All other breeds seem to catch and recatch and have to adjust and shake and try to tear and all kinds of bullshit that gets dogs killed. A good bulldog catches hard and stays caught like a catch dog should in my opinion.
  3. You are exactly right, Nick. Very good post there bro. I agree with what you said especially the part about them not being bred to be catch dogs. They are not really. They catch but they readjust and such and that is not good when you are using one single dog as a catch dog. I also agree with you about why most of them are shit and its a damn shame but alot of breeds of dogs are tending that way. Pet breeders are ruining a many of dogs.
  4. I have seen a bunch of dogos and none of them even compared to the athletic ability of a good game bred bulldog. Not even in the same ballpark. Personally, I think them dogo are a joke as far as a catch dog goes. As far as breeding them to a greyhound though and wanting to kill shit, that would work for sure but I still dont think they would have the foots speed of a greyhoundxbulldog cross. They seem to be more of a novalty than a workin dog.
  5. Great pics but you fellas sure do wear some funny lookin masks. HAHAHA!
  6. Those who do not commit on a coyote get ate the feck up for sure. I have seen some bad bad damage done in a hurry and I am sure most coyote hunters have seen it too.
  7. Here is a pic of Grace with the two yotes.
  8. Yep, we can hook ya up with some tea while you are here.
  9. I would love it if some of yall could come over here and hunt with us but of course I would like it even more if I could get over there and make a couple rounds with yall. By the way, is the kettle for tea? I assume it is. I guess I could get used to that but right now I pretty much drink a cup of coffee in the mornin, water all day, and I smash down quite a few beers in the evening. Livin the good life. HAHAHA!
  10. This is a pic of Scratch(running walker), Kentucky(staghoundxwalker/cur), and a little cur gyp that I had that was rough for a while. Anyhow, Tuck hit this coyote in about the middle of the road and drove him through the air into the ditch like a missle. I haven't seen a dog hit a coyote like he hit this one since that day. He just smashed him down into the ditch and then Scratch, and Babe the little cur gyp came over to help him out, which he needed cause he was gettin his ass handed to him for a minute until Babe got there and then Scratch eventually got there.
  11. Kye, they just got good at it thats all. They were not at first of course. Tuck was so reckless as a 6 month old pup that he got his ass handed to him on every coon he fought until he was about a year old or so and then one day he just figgered it out and that was it. He was not a powerful dog cause he was so little so being reckless he could not kill them that way so he had to get smart. The truth is that what made him good at it was cause he never quit up to the day he died. Scott and I talked about it a bunch and I was always waiting for the day that he was gonna pack it in but he neve
  12. I was always coyote hunting with these two dogs but I cant tell you how many coons they caught and bushwacked when I casted them out. They would get gone and all of a sudden all hell would break loose out there a 1/4 mile or so and I would be waitin on them to see them and a yote pop out somewhere but all would go silent. I knew they had caught another coon then. Anyhow, I would have to walk down to them and there they would be sittin by their kill. They could kill a coon in quick fashion. I dont think one even in a hole lasted more than about 20 or 30 seconds. They would pull him out an
  13. Here is another pic of Flirt, Tuck, and a Running Walker dog that was a puss and he aint here no more. Anyhow, Flirt and Tuck had this one caught and bayed up under a creek bank way back under there and we couldnt figger out at first what in the hell was goin on. Anyhow a little jabbin with a stick and we got it to pop its had out and I shot it cause I didnt think there was anyway they were gonna get it killed really. They werent the best killdogs above ground let alone in a hole of sorts.
  14. I agree with you that two dogs is all that should be needed. I was just givin a for instance if you will. Alot of guys dont like to just run one catch dog cause its hard on them. There are certain parts of this country I know that you better damn sure enough have a catch dog or you will not catch any coyotes. I know a fella that went from OK to one of these areas and he has great coyote dogs in OK but he said although his dogs can and have killed single handed a number of times in OK that it didnt matter where he was at cause he didnt have a dog in his box that could have even come close t
  15. I would like to add this though to my above statement. Doc's Grace gyp which is a bullstag is the ideal type dog to run with a couple faster type stahounds as catch dogs on coyotes. She may be just a step behind but when she gets there the party is over for the little prairie wolf. I just dont hunt sight type dogs here by themselves, YET!
  16. It would be a very rare and I mean rare greyhound/pit type cross that could have the speed to catch a coyote. Stamina does not come into play very much when tryin to catch a coyote with sighthound type dogs like lurchers and greyhound or staghound type dogs. Speed is very much needed and a level of courage is needed that can only be understood if you see how a coyote fights at the catch. They are an actual wolf just smaller for the most part ranging usually between 30 and 35 pounds. They are ferocious and most dogs just cant or wont fight one. Speed is the key to catching coyotes with sig
  17. They did good for me Scott. Neither of them could do much by themselves as far as killin goes but together they snuffed a few. Tuck could really get after it but Flirt was more of just a bay and fight dog. You put her with another bay and fight type dog and they would never get it killed but you put Tuck with anything that helps a little and he could take it to em and he was only 51#'s when he was full grown.
  18. Yes, she was half Walker Coonhound and half Mountain Cur which is a breed of dogs developed here in the US for huntin squirrel, coon, bobcat, and bear basically. They were sort of a all around farm dog initially but bred to run and tree game. Some of them can be awful rough. Flirts momma was one of them rough ones.
  19. Here is the pic of me with them after it was all over.
  20. The pics I will put up are of a gyp I bred named Flirt and her son Kentucky. Flirt and Tuck as we called him were responsible for the death of a many a coyote. These two dogs teamed up were by far the most dominating two dogs that I owned on coyotes but their untimely death didnt allow neither one of them to work very long and not very long together at all as a team. I hunted Flirt with another gyp I had her first two season and then hunted her with her son Tuck her third season and that was her last cause she got hit and killed on the road. Then Kentucky went on to hunt one more season wi
  21. Here is a good pic of Grace from the side view. She is a put together Gyp for sure and can absolutely fly for her size.
  22. Here is a pic of a big black bear in a tree. I believe this is the one I ate the liver out of aint it Doc? Note to self dont get drunk and bear hunt, it causes you to act like a tard. Also a pic of Grace treed under a bear.
  23. I dont think the lion is in a tree actually but actually backed up under some brush. Hell, I cant remember really but it looks backed up on the ground under some brush.
  24. Here is a pic of Grace after the lion fight and a pic of the lion in the tree lookin pretty roughed up.
  25. I sure wish the goofydick f****r that owns the gyp would get his ass on here and tell a story or two about his hunts but he is obviously not paying attention today.
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