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  1. Selling full setup for 2 dogs. All 8cm panels 2 x 1m door pannels 2 x 2m panels 6x 1m panels 1x Furplast Kenny Kennel. Size 7 (Large) 1x plastic kennel - been chewed a little around the enterance by a pup 3x 2m x 1m galvanised roof panels ( needs 1 more to fully cover the roof) All bolts, nuts, fixtures bars, wood included Would prefer all to go together, possibly can arrange deliver within reasonable distance on Liverpool. If you pay petrol. Must view first. On the outside of Liverpool L35 Area. 2 minutes from juniction 7 m62 Inbox if interested and i will provide cont
  2. Some funny replies here. "on a bigger scale" I think thats the key. thanks lads. Coffee is a good idea, add some cocaine and their hooked "timmys Twisted Tea&coffee". I'm in vietnam at the minute, a lot cheaper than the UK here and everybody drinks coffee. You see all the students ( and adults) coming out of starbucks, with cups of coffee i'd frown at paying for at that price. They don't even want to drink it. Just pose with it for facebook. crazy!
  3. Right i know its not a great deal, but it's certainly a start. If you had about 20k, spare cash to play with what way would you make it grow? High risk and relatively stable ideas, fire away. I'm looking at cryptocurrencies for the short term. I can see short term profit in these(potentially) But i wouldn't have the balls to invest the lot. Houses (uk atleast) where the thing to invest in that was stable in the 90's/ early 00's but the returns arn't what they once was and reselling can be a long proccess if renovating now. In the technolgical era, there must be alot of oppo
  4. ok lads ill put some prices up later on. And requests for a fiver, id rather use it as fire wood, while i'm in 30+ degrees heat in Asia for the next 12 months
  5. Giving up the dogs, practically have already. Clearing out, few books for sale. Look at the pictures below, fair offers accepted. Don't make an offer of a 1/3 of whats its worth, you won't get it. I'll take a bit less than what they are worth, but not rediculously below. Message me with your offers. Included the atlas's because theres a few "hotspots" marked in there with various locations and whats about, i found a few years ago. I intended to mark all the good areas i found, but give up colouring maps in and preferred to lamp instead. When i say as few, it is only a few not extensive. Bu
  6. You must be kidding mate, no expense spaired on that set up. Thats what my 96" 160cm HD 3D screen laptop with CD, SD and penis Slots!
  7. Hello lads and lasses. I am after a cheap tablet/laptop. Preferably under £100 ( lower the better, my needs arn't too demanding). Its main use will be for browsing/ reseaching ( may well be streaming video) so an half decent processor will be required too, online, and typing so something which is easy and comfortable is required ( touch screens will be useless, need a keyboard.) WIFI is a must. GPS and tracking is a BIG turn off for me. If i want them to know my every step i will tell them! Card reader needed! Anyone up in this subject recomend something for my needs? thanks in adv
  8. I've been back in the uk 3 days and already finance is the front of my mind. What a shit society we are forced into.
  9. Leon. Stop curling your mums tins of bean. Its not guna do much
  10. My mate banged a post-op LB on the first night in april. After she told him he kicked her out and went the hospital for an aids test, who told him to f**k off its too soon. So he was phoning home tryin to get his mum to book him a flight home! By the second day he had found a real fanny and forgot aba all that stupid stuff. LOL 5 weeks till im back in paradise. Roll on the good times.
  11. Basic training for a engineer is far different from the basic training a infantry soldier has to do ......... which I already said ... But lets be honest its easy to become canon fodder. Especially if you can run
  12. As for hooligans. Less armed untrain and alot less proffessional but still the same building blocks as a soldier
  13. I passed out of basic january 2011. There was alot of stupid people who passed out with me. And alot I would not like to be stood next to when shit hits the fan. Infact id prefer a stupif f**k to a coward. I went re so perhaphs different from infantry. But still full of thick lads. Infact th ones who couldnt hack it was the more academic. But I think if you have a can do attitude basic aint what 'they' say it was.
  14. As above brand new. No longer interested in mountain biking. Comes with receipts and warranty valid from shop etc. and still £300 cheaper than cheapest retailer. Still in the box Unopened . Any more information required, do not hesitate to PM or call me 07506829281
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