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  1. My first day out today aswell with syndicate, sitting here looking out and its lashing doon
  2. Deek


    Thanks lads much appreciated
  3. Deek


    Hi does anybody know of any decent cocker training dvds, cheers
  4. Hi just wondering if anybody has seen the dvd working cockers on the wild side with peter finch, wondering if it is any good before i buy it, thanks
  5. Thanks mate but i need one at least 10 feet long, thanks anyway
  6. Hi mate could you tel me the full length of the body please, cheers
  7. Hi mate the gun looks great, does it take much work to turn an old rifle into a 410
  8. Deek

    new tattoo

    Nice tat mate, ive allways wanted a swallow on my hand, but think the other half would kill me
  9. I have the dvd here thought it was a cracker,probably one of the best thats out there at the moment, those dogs certainly know their jobs
  10. Hi my other half is selling the following: pentax k100d digital slr camera, comes with the following pentax k100d super body, 18mm-55mm kit lens, 70mm-300mm sigma lens and lens hood, also black waterproof lowepro bag. This is great dslr starter camera, only seven months old also been proffesionally cleaned prior to sale, comes complete with boxes instructions and software, selling due to losing intrest. £425ono
  11. Was in majorca a few years ago visiting my bosses daughter who worked and trained big cats in a circus, she had two wolf alsation first crosses that would have ripped your head off if you got close enough, the size of these beasts was uncanny
  12. Cracking pup there mate any more pics
  13. Hi allan how you doing, it was a good day yesterday wee daz will still be talking about being top gun lol, iam still drying out after being in that marsh but a good day in the end.
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