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  1. Had one of them best dog I've owned he,d do owt he was pointed at and could find his own stuff an all
  2. Howst new land Dan ar yer gerrin plenny off it lad
  3. Old brock I believe is reason ar dales perm went shit when they moved in you'd look across one of the fields and there wer tufts of rabbit fluff stuck up out of their birthing nests where the pigs ad decimated every litter so same as you mate myxi the pigs buzzards stoats lost ferrets fox lurchers no wonder is it
  4. Or at least know someone that as one
  5. Good read mate very worrying for the largamorph population and ar sport
  6. Its third bout this summer the babies keep building up an it looks optimistic then bang
  7. Catch it bud mine wunt be able to see it
  8. My pup that starts this season as both bull n Wheaton if it dunt work out all be going back to collie whip grey lines
  9. Be reyts D it's like a feckin epidemic bud
  10. Good ingredients if I may say so mesen. Meks a change to see summat not infected wi bull or such like
  11. Found a nice little barbel river this week dc just off river Nene
  12. I know that bud and most farmers do am just saying why their paranoid
  13. All tell yer why their miserable suspicious b*****ds coz some slags a few weeks ago emptied ar diesel tank nicked the hilux and a jcb bucket. Think that,d probably mek you the same
  14. My last dog was the same and never learnt often seen spitting wasps or bees out
  15. Sounds like most staffie owners from where I'm from
  16. Sal bull grey x wheat deerh grey hes a very clever pup hope he uses it when he starts this yr
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