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  1. Is there anyone in the UK that makes decent slatmills?
  2. View Advert BSA ultra se .177 with night sight and 3 litre bottle BSA ultra se with 10 shot mag With hawke air Max scope 3 litre filling bottle BSA gun slip Few tins of pellets Advertiser Tarw mawr Date 05/07/20 Price £550.00 Category Airguns  

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    BSA ultra se with 10 shot mag With hawke air Max scope 3 litre filling bottle BSA gun slip Few tins of pellets


  4. Nice pups them What way are they bred foxpack ?
  5. If this is even being asked as a question there's something wrong? These people save lives every single day,and people are questioning are they in the wrong for parking on double yellows? There on call if an old couple were trapped in a car on fire the ambulance crew would obviously be there before the fire engine and helping anyway so that's not a good example at all,show respect where it's due I say,and if you ask me the question are they wrong or right for parking on double yellows doesn't even need answering,give them a break
  6. He makes it look easy ,pure natural mixed with a lot of hard work
  7. Your memory is better than mine lads haha thought that was the first time I posted that
  8. All s.e blood Shane,biggest terrier I've ever had but handy dog all the same
  9. I don't blame you Glyn and it looked very good but I wouldn't know for sure as it never arrived haha
  10. I wouldn't know where to start with all that tbh mate so no I had to take a loss
  11. I ordered a print off his website for a family members birthday present,stupidly but not knowing who was behind the site. After weeks that turned into months and many emails and texts and WhatsApp messeges and promises of a refund because he did not know if he had them in stock? Maybe this is the print that gyln painted? low and behold nothing came of it. The last time I spoke to him he said he's too busy to refund the £££ and to take it up with PayPal ,only £40/£50 or something I can't remember but it was my hard earned and more importantly a birthday present for somebody,you live and learn. I know one thing if I ever bump into him il be asking very nicely for an explanation that's a fact
  12. I have one here ,very nervous. Take him out and he's far from it
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