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  1. Nice thing my cup of tea nice to see something with good feet instead of flippers
  2. Brambles dead right them who comment bollocks r to cleaver to help
  3. Wots dogs name pal how they bread please some info please atb bb
  4. Hows the bitch bread please at cheers bb
  5. Fellow said this was nearly 3 so this could be owt mate really happy with it so don’t think he’s bothered really now but would have been nice to no thanks again lads atb B.B.
  6. Ok pal thanks any info appreciated atb
  7. I’ll try and get one it’s 3 year old now big hairy bitch supposed to be ok he did buy it recently but fella didn’t know anything about breeding only parents been used on lamp but everything he was told seems to be true how it behave jumps etc was asking sumone normally no’s on here thanks for reply atb ball bag
  8. Any one heard of it or no how it's bread fellow got a dog out of it to scouser supposedly cheers
  9. Did 120 miles last night to permission always full of tackle only thing seen was pigs as if rabbits and hares been shot but no one aloud on and no one seen anyone or any sign any one has been seem to have vanished
  10. Had same with my saluki grey vet said op waste of money leave it 6 months don't let it out kennel for8 week then walks only for rest then bitch never looked back always been bit stiff but still caught and prob best bitch I owned worth a try
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