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  1. Alright mate. yes thats hummersea, your correct. I noticed the other day you got your fac through. how long did you have to wait from the f.a.o visiting you. ?cheers
  2. i took a young polecat last year and she just stood and looked down the hole then looked at me as if to say im not going down there soft lad! Next time i took the experienced albino and she followed her and caught on straight away.
  3. Ive been into falconry for a while now, and there is sort of a gentlemans agreement that if someone is flying on that land then you dont go and ask the farmer if you can fly as well. ie ; one falconer for one area of permission, which, imo, is fair enough. Im just getting into shooting seriously but cant work out if sharing shooting permission is a yay or nay. I was working on a farm ( something i do a lot of ) and he said i was more than welcome to fly my bird and shoot on his land i was obviously happy about this, but as i was walking over a field up popped a lad who introduced himself, we had a chat as he asked me what i was doing, but he made it plain that this was "his" land and he did the shooting on it. I didnt want to cause a scene as i wasnt sure what the norm is. Any advice welcome. cheers.
  4. youve got to show them your not scared of them. wait till you get the biggest alone, give him a proper hiding then threaten something "extreme"- he will shit himself bigtime.hey never did it again.
  5. He said biggest, not dearest! GOD!!
  6. The biggest bag i ever had was about 5 ft long. We put sleeping bags in it.
  7. We worked out that it would take randy, chuck liddell and tim sylvia to beat the croc!, and it would take 2 daleks to beat optimus prime.
  8. Went out this morning with the kids to our "secret" woodnut area. Theres always tons of woodnuts and we all love the so we were pretty gutted when we got there and there wasnt a woodnut in sight, someone had snaffled the lot. . Ive kept the squirrel numbers down around there so it wasnt them. Anyway we had a mnooch and, got a punnet of brambles, and, after finding out the difference between damsons and sloes we picked a couple of pounds of damsons ( really tasty ones) and we intend to make a jam. All in all it was a nice walk- i discussed with the kids some of the fundamental questions of life- who would win in a fight - a dalek versus optimus prime from transformers, randy couture (ufc ) versus a crocodile, and what would it be like to live in a house made of brambles! it doesnt half get intellectual with my kids. Heres a photo ( of the brambles and damsons, not a dalek)
  9. BUMP. come on there must be more than 1 sad bast*rd who has spent too long looking for a feckin picture of a stoat.
  10. Nice photo juckler. How do you know that chanterelles are indeed chanterelles and not jack o lanterns? is it where they are or do they look different?
  11. Ive been into mushrooms for a few years now. Tried the penny bun and oyster mushrooms. I found a patch of horn of plenty about 3 summers ago. they were good. Havent tried chanterelles as apparently theres ones called jack o lanterns that look just like em, but are poisonous and im too much of a wuss to take a punt
  12. even the ferrets leave em alone - they must be feckin rank :sick:
  13. Nice story. Glad its not me telling it!
  14. Wheres the stoat in this months sporting shooter? i cannot find it for love nor money
  15. trappa

    Kate Mcann

    Slightly off topic but i dont half fancy kate!
  16. I am seriously going to consider emigrating if labour get in again.
  17. Ive caught thousands of moles too but havent caught an albino one either. Apparently there are golden ones too.
  18. Whats the easiest way to differentiate between damsons and sloes?
  19. I had an argument last week over this exact same thing. He said that he has never left his kids -ever. I said that everybody in the world at some stage has- giving chance for a sicko to nab em. I asked him if when he pays for his petrol does he leave his kids in the car or take em in- he said he leaves them but thats different- is it balls! they could get taken easily. I asked him if when he or his wife put the washing out in the back garden does he leave the kids in the house-he says thats diferent-is it balls, they again could be taken. I wouldnt dream of leaving them like the mcanns did, never ever! but we have all been guilty of leaving the kids at some stage but not to such a degree. Putting washing out, paying for petrol, washing the car or mowing the lawn. We have all done it, but not to the extent of having a feckin sit down meal and leaving em 100 yards away ( doubt they were short of a bob or two for a babysitter either) in a strange country!
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