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  1. FKOF

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    New Russel to keep me and my lad busy been a pet. She's keen tho don't like rats for sure
  2. FKOF

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    my two bitches brother was coming on nicely till he caught wiels disease sadly no longer with us gone to soon for sure.
  3. FKOF

    2019 season

    Season soon be here alb
  4. FKOF

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Been a long time since I posted a pic so here's my two I've been putting a lot of graft into last two years. Tbf turning out two very good finders smash cover and find them anywhere. Testing at times but still only young. Bred from a very good dog called fudge from Yorkshire beagle spaniel to a bitch I got bred of the same lads beagle spaniel terrier.
  5. FKOF


    Nice little terrier pups them fairplay should make some cracking little digging dogs in the right hands
  6. FKOF

    Jeff Burrell

    I seen him banging on about added suluki blood into his 800yr line...god knows
  7. FKOF

    Jeff Burrell

    Is this the guy on facebook who invented lurchers?
  8. So the terriers catch bolters in that cover ? How do you net them if a lurcher carn't get in there surely you carn't either? Genuine question
  9. Can they catch bolters like a whippet? Is a whippet or lurcher not as good as marking or holding netted rabbits in or out of cover?
  10. What use would a bushing dog be for ferreting ?
  11. FKOF

    Bushing pup for sale.

    Bring your lurchers we'll go for a bush see how they compare to my purpose bred dogs, as they say let the dogs do the talking
  12. FKOF

    Bushing pup for sale.

    Tell you what I'd raher go bushing on my own I'd be waiting all day for your bushers
  13. FKOF

    Bushing pup for sale.

    I carn't cope anyway Alb socks should make a tidy little busher for someone hope she finds a nice little home
  14. FKOF

    Bushing pup for sale.

    Still I disagree you need a good dog to bush rabbits specially in bramble terrier types or there xs are hard to beat imo
  15. FKOF

    Bushing pup for sale.

    Is this comment even worth a response can a lurcher bush tight bramble, follow a line, put pressure in good size covers with bramble, can they go 8 hours straight through cover working with the stamina of the beagle blood or relentlessness of the springer blood, can they find old charlie on a badly scented day sitting really tight almost inches from the dogs where a lot of people and dogs would walk past with a clue how close they are, i can keep going all night......
  16. FKOF

    Bushing pup for sale.

    Biggest load of nonsense I've ever read on here a small lurcher can do all a bushing dog can do and more
  17. Don't think here's any bull in there sounds like your talking about coco of here he had some really nice beddy bull greys. Socks I'll pm you
  18. There's a guy on fb breeds some of the best I've seen that love heavy tackle, from south Wales not long sold a litter at a reasonable price
  19. FKOF

    Any pups about

    Have a word with fp of here mate always got a few litters planned he's the man to ask
  20. FKOF


    How do you compare them to the bushers you have now?
  21. That's it mate if they suit your needs that's all that matters really
  22. Did that video open your eyes mate? Genuine question
  23. Can they jump up a 5 foot wall like a russel? I do like reckless bit the amount of fences walls and ditches they'd have to overcome I think they'd bit suit me.