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  1. Thank you all for your insightful comments. Now, to be brutally honest, bear will be in the bottom of the list in terms of animals I expect to be hunting for. However they do have bears in Sweden, so one never knows. We also don't have Elk in Europe (as far as I know), which I understand is another quite tough animal. So, for all intents and purposes, I will be shooting: roe, fallow, red, sika, wild boar, moose, rein deer and lastly bear - in that order (With only a very small chance of ever getting the opportunity to hunt North American Elk, Bison or Greenlandic Musk Ox (which requires a min of 30.06, per Greenlandic law)). I expect that the maximum range I will ever shoot any of these game animals would be 300 yards (and more likely between 100-200 yards). Of what I have gathered over the last weeks, I need a bullet to have an impact velocity of a minimum of 1800 ft./s for most projectiles to expand correctly, and for the larger deer 1500 ft. lbs. of impact energy. Those two requirements seem to fit very well within both the 20" .308 and 30.06, except that the .308 would limits my shooting range to about 220 yards where the 30.06 would give my about 100 yards more range to obtain those numbers... When it comes to reloading, I have read that one can increase the muzzle velocity about 50-100 ft./s with proper bullet to powder optimization. Would you guys deem this correct in your experiences or is this unrealistic? Thank you in advance Cheers
  2. Good point... What I was trying to do with this inquiry, is to gain as many points of view as possible so I can by the "best" rifle for my needs. It would seem that both .308W and 30.06 will do the job of hunting all north European game. Now the question is simply which caliber, fits that Sako Bavarian Carbine the best... considering its barrel length and weight. But True... I would love to have many rifles, just as I would love to have Holland and Holland Side by side...
  3. Again thank you for your replies. All the riffle hunters I know all own multiple rifles. Ranging from 243 up to 9.3x63... And one who has a 458Win.mag for big game hunting in Africa. When I have talked to them, they pretty much say, buy multiple cheap rifles. I know in Denmark the 6.5x55 is a real popular deer cartridge. However, I get more enjoyment out of sports and hunting, when I have the "right" equipment in my hand. I very much go for certain high quality brands and models. Not that I'm snobbish, but I do very much care about what brands I do use. Same in golf, where I only play Titleist if that tells you anything.. Also, I know I wont be able to afford more than one really nice rifle, which I would be much happier taking out that multiple cheap/poor quality rifles. That's why I'm looking to get as much out of a single rifle and understand the pros and cons of different options. Now the "easy" choice would just to go with the 30.06, but If its a poor fit for a 20" barrel, kicks too much, has an oversized muzzle flash, or destroys too much meat when shooting roe, then maybe its not a good option. Legally, the .308W comply with all north European game, however the muzzle velocity loss from a 20" vs 24" (which most ballistics I've seen run on), might mean that the range at which I can safely shoot some of the larger deer might be impaired - which again talks to using the 30.06. This is simply due to the around 200j loss from 24" to 20" rifle... I know I'm probably overthinking it way to much... I tend to do that sometime, but I just want to make as informed decision as possible - and when ever I do go and talk to locals, the more I know, the better questions I'm able to ask! So yes, I'm probably looking for that perfect combination... and I'm probably overthinking it way too much... Thanks again!
  4. I will be hunting primarily in forests, fields and meadows (for all types) I wont be hunting over bait I have never hunted with a riffle before, so I'm looking to gain my permit this year, and hopefully be able to buy a rifle in 2019. I don't like the idea of head/neck kills, but who am I to judge... yet Since it a full stocked rifle, I will not be putting any silencers or anything like that. I will probably be using some active hearing protection (peltor) On another note... It has come to my attention that a 30.06 in this shorter 20" barre might give off quite some muzzle flash... Is this true and if so how severe is this flash and bang? Thank you all again for all the help! Cheers
  5. I totally see your point but in Denmark, where I'm from there are restrictions or requirements in terms of weight of bullet and energy. Red deer, fallow and sika requires a minimum of 139gr and 2700j at 100m or minimum 155gr and 2000j at 100m. The same numbers are the Swedish requirements for moose. So that's why I'm concerned... if the riffle in question can perform to these numbers... or if they get too close, that might be what I want. But true enough, I know its about placing the shot and not like a video game where a certain gun does a certain amount of hit points damage... Thank you all for your comments
  6. In Denmark we have strict rules about wight of projectile and j at a 100m for the rifles to be legal. Therefore I need a minimum of 139gr and 2700j at 100m, or a minimum of 155gr and 2000j at 100m. This is for red deer, fallow and sika. In Sweden the same numbers apply for moose. I will by far primarily be hunting in Denmark (Roe, fallow, sika and red deer), but it would be nice to be able to take down moose. From a legal perspective a 20" .308W is enough, but my concern is that a 180gr bullet with 2300j at 100m is cutting it too close for comfort - even though its strictly legal. I don't want to risk injuring the animal because of too little stopping power, or because I'm a little more than 100m out...
  7. Thank you for your reply... This site was pointed out to me by someone in another forum: https://rifleshooter.com/2014/12/308-winchester-7-62x51mm-nato-barrel-length-versus-velocity-28-to-16-5/ By going over the data, and looking at the difference between a 24" rifle and a 20" rifle, one looses bout 200j at 100m. So about 50j per inch of barrel from 24" down to 20". Would you consider this to be a problem... I mean a loss of about 200j compared to a 24" barrel? Also I ran the same calculations on a 30.06, using Hornady's ballistic calculator and Sako's cartridge data. What I found was that a 20" 30.06 delivers about the same numbers that a 24" .308W... Any thoughts on this? I mean would you still go for a .308W if it were only 20" barrel? Cheers
  8. Hello everyone. I'm new here, and this place seemed to be as good as anywhere to ask my question. If my thread is posted in the wrong sub-forum, please move it. Ok, so I'm a fairly new hunter and I'm looking to buy my first rifle. Now I don't have the economy for multiple specialized rifles, so I'm looking to get a rifle which I can use for a variety of game and situations and I am looking for advice concerning this. I have been looking at the Sako 85 Bavarian carbine either as a 308W or a 30.06. I live in Denmark, so 90% of the time I will be shooting roe, fallow, sika and red deer. However, I would like to have to possibility to go to Sweden or Poland and take moose, wild boar or maybe bear. I would also love to be able to go to Scotland and be able to take red deer in the highlands. So I have checked the legal requirements and within the 308 and 30.06 there are bullet types and weight that fit, however the Sako 85 Bavarian carbine only has a 20" barrel, and I would be concerned that the rifle would loose too much energy at 150m, especially for 308, which is basically the reason I have been thinking maybe 30.06 instead. So, if I wanted an allround rifle which would be able to accommodate my wishes what would your suggestion be; both in terms of caliber and whether or not the Sako 85 Bavarian carbine is a good choice for this kind of hunting! Thank you in advice Cheers