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  1. Welcome to the forum
  2. Currently: CZ455 in .22LR with a Nikko Stirling LR Diamond 4-12x50 Scope, Harris Bipod and SAK mod CZ455 Laminate in 17HMR with a Nikko Stirling Gameking 3.5-12x44 Scope, Harris Bipod and Hausken MD35 mod CZ455 Hogue Stock in .22WMR with a Hawke SF 4-16X50 scope, Harris Bipod Tikka T3X Lite in .223 with a Nikko Stirling LR Diamond FFP 3-10x44 scope, Harris Bipod and Wildcat Evolution mod Howa 1500 Hogue stock in .243 with a Hawke Endurance 4-12x50 scope, Edgar Brothers Bipod and Hausken JD224 mod Browning Maxus One 12g Semi-Auto Hatsan Escort Magnum 12g Semi-Auto Daystate Wolverine 2 in .22 with Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 scope, Hugget Belita mod Daystate Huntsman HR in .22 with Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 scope and SAK mod BSA R10SE in .22 with Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 scope Air Arms s510 in .177 with Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 scope and Weihrauch mod. Bit of a CZ and Hawke fan as you can all probably tell, should probably get my hand in my pocket and get a Scmidt and Bender, Leupold or Zeiss Scope maybe.....but otherwise it all works
  3. Welcome to the forum , enjoy
  4. I have plenty of spare time, so i will do just that, thanks for the suggestion
  5. All good stuff that mate, MeinTeil and Reise Reise anr great tuns by Rammstein and got ever ySlayer album there is ....Tom Araya is great BASS PLAYER AND VOCALIST.
  6. All good stuff that mate, MeinTeil and Reise Reise anr great tuns by Rammstein and got ever ySlayer album there is ....Tom Araya is great BASS PLAYER AND VOCALIST.
  7. Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Megadeth, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Queens of the Stone Age etc...that kind of thing..love PJ Harvey too.
  8. All great bands mate, i just can't escape rock...it seems more emotional than other genres to me...just my opinion of course though.
  9. Loving that, proper way to turn up at a festival...for me it's always been rattling around in the back of a transit or big Bedford tucked in between amps and drums etc...much more preferable your way of transport mate.
  10. Stage presence carries it fella, plenty of vocalists have been shit but have had a message to get out and been successful doing it....can't knock your taste in music at all though
  11. Get on the microphone mate
  12. Well, if you like listening to it then thats enough i guess, try vocals instead maybe...every band needs a frontman
  13. Absolutely excellent Newkid
  14. Sometimes it's the teacher not the student as it were, just learning a few chords and learning to play a well known basic song is enough to instil confidence in people, like "Wonderwall" by Oasis...only a few chords and well known enough to mimic. Give it another go Gnash.
  15. Heavy Rock, originals ....don't do covers. Probably why nobody likes us lol
  16. It's all you need brother.
  17. And just how did you guess that? lol
  18. Back at it as soon as lockdown is over guys
  19. Yep, ex drummer here..still got a couple of kits...but currently vocalist and guitarist in a band...( well currently i'm stuck indoors like everybody else, but you know what i mean )
  20. I have 3 rimmies, all CZ 455;s, you could say i'm a bit of a fan of them...got them in .22LR, .22 WMR and of course .17HMR. The .22LR for it's subsonic capabilities on vermin and AOLQ, the .22WMR is conditioned for fox control and AOLQ (II use it for shorter range fox work ). The .17HMR is conditioned for vermin control and AOLQ ( Great for longer rabbits and crows etc ). The little .17HMR 17gr VMax i use are devastating on vermin and unless it's fairly windy they are like a laser beam. Out of the three rimfire cals i have i would say that the WMR is better in the wind yes, I use 40gr Vmax or CCI TNT in mine and it does not mess around. All in all i think for the most part the .22WMR is both an under used and underestimated calibre in the UK, but for what it is it is a little beast of a cartridge. In many cases when going out foxing i've left the .223 at home and grabbed my WMR. It certainly does the job on charlie. Anyway, treat yourself, put in a variation for a .17 AND a .22WMR ( You know you want to really )
  21. Welcome aboard mate, enjoy the forum
  22. Will do sir, looking forward to using it soon...enjoy yours too fella
  23. I bet those Superformance 58g are absolutely trucking out at about 4000 ft/s...possible ballistic performance similar to a 22-250? I think the 1500's are great rifles and have ordered the Magazine kit for mine too. Enjoy your new rifle Nick
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