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  1. Ratzilla

    I did this for a while. Till the Mrs realised where the spuds were going 😂... apparently ‘I’m trying to find a more efficient way to mash them’ wasn’t the correct answer... 😳
  2. Hello all

    Hello fella, I'm just down the road in Bedford. More of a PCP man myself but I definitely have appreciation for a good Springer
  3. Ratzilla

    Apologies gents I missed these comments. I had a play with these at the CLA at hatfield last year and Rabid was kind enough to lend me his last week. I have a set on order just dont tell the Mrs haha
  4. Ratzilla

    Don't count on me to shoot em for you though... you may have a hell of a wait haha
  5. Ratzilla

    Wow. That’s an interesting way of thinking about it really! Definitely. As I said to you before it’s fine to shoot targets on an indoor range but there’s no variables really. I need to do some outdoors shooting and get myself sorted.
  6. Ratzilla

    Evening all. Time for another write up. Got told by Rabid the other day that he is at all out war with the rats after losing a chicken to them. After my failed attempt last Friday I had to try and prove I actually knew what a rat was and that I knew how to shoot him them. I finished work at 6 and then shot home to get changed and grab my kit. I got to the farm about half 6. We sorted the rifles and Rabid kindly leant me his Pulsar NV again. The plan of attack was for me to set up in the barn and try and get some from there and Rabid was to go over to the Pen on the other side as he was shooting his FAC cricket and The wind wouldn’t be so much of an issue for him. I got set up in the barn in darkness and used a red torch nice and dim to keep a check down the length of the barn. I spotted a pair of eyes so I switched off the torch, NV went on, lined up the shot... and I fricken pulled the shot. On the upside the rat probably had a heart attack as it jumped a good 6 inches off the ground then shot into one of the rat holes. A bit pissed, I checked how far I’d pulled it and saw that I’d more than likely grazed the little blighter as the pellet had hit the wall behind it and was only a hair out of where I’d aimed it. Determiend not to fail, I returned to my corner and got settled in darkness, occasionally checking with my torch for eyes. Another... I took my time, I waited him out and watched him In the NV. He stopped for a brief second and offered me a clean shot. I pulled the trigger and noticed the shot a touch high. The rat didn’t even flinch... this shot was close enough to shave its head but it didn’t move. I adjusted for the next shot but as I pulled the trigger it moved and I hit it broad side. I quickly chambered another pellet and landed the second shot in the neck as the headshot was obscured at this point. Unfortunately it managed to get under a door I didn’t have access to after the second shot but I’m more than confident it wouldn’t have lasted long with the amount of blood in the area. Then came the monster. This thing Looked like a bloody hedgehog in the sight. It was obscured for a good while by a brick it was behind. I took my time, trying to remain quiet but I needn’t have bothered. When I stood up and knocked the plastic bird crate I was sitting on making an almighty racket the bloody thing looked at me and went back to what she was doing. I got up onto the crate to allow me to see over the brick. Lined up my shot and as I squeezed the trigger I pulled the shot. She was standing rear on but with her head to the side so I had a clear shot but unfortunately the pull meant I landed the first shot in its arse. Not my finest hour I shan’t lie and not a shot I’m at all happy with (some extra range hours wouldn’t be a bad idea me thinks) however despite the pulled shot the rat was completely motionless. It didn’t move at all. I stood for a few seconds before walking up to collect it. When I got to it I noticed it wasn’t dead so quickly gave it a coup de grace. That’s when I realised the actual size of this thing. Now I know rats get big and there are definitely bigger rats out there but this was the biggest rat I’ve ever shot and hence she shall go down as ratzilla. As it goes we know she was a she as she was carrying, a bit of shame in some senses but good news in other senses and all in all a bloody good result as it means one less to breed in future. So, to prove it is possible and that I can indeed shoot rats (following a successful eye test)... here is ratzilla
  7. Good job I got my eyes tested

    Well thank bugger I didn’t have cataracts! Good to hear you got it sorted though!
  8. Airgun moderators

    Yeah. A new rifle is definitely on the cards. I’ll have to keep an eye out.
  9. Airgun moderators

    Good point... but come on... after hearing that hw100 I may as well be shooting an unmoderated .308 😂 cheers for the suggestions Rez and Jimmy
  10. Evening all. I’m looking to pick up a moderator for my rifle, as its a touch louder than I’d like. I was wondering if any of you lot had suggestions/recommendations when it comes to moderators for airguns. I’m shooting a .22, sub 12, RWS LR25 which is a relatively long rifle anyway but I’m not overly worried about additional length if I’m honest as I’ll be picking up another rifle in the near future, as I’d like a second one that’s a bit more compact for night shooting but would still like a moderator for the RWS. Cheers Smithy
  11. Leaking PCP rifle

    You’re not wrong there. As it goes it was a small brass shaving in between the inlet valve and the valve housing. I did notice that the gun was still losing pressure though. After a bit of checking under magnification I noticed the smallest little nick in the inlet valve. I searched around and it was like £14 in most places just for the actual valve. I looked on best fittings and found the valve spring and retainer screw for £9... wicked. Fitted it last night and the gun is holding pressure perfectly now. Well chuffed. Now I buy another gun anyway cause... well you can have too many right?
  12. Good job I got my eyes tested

    Cheers Jimmy, reassuring to know I’m not the only one that can lob a rifle at a barn only to miss it 😂. Appreciate the advice, I’ll learn to walk a lot quieter. It’s like when I was learning to fish. You get the buzz and you make rash decisions. Need to take your time to watch the water to know what’s going on.
  13. Good job I got my eyes tested

    very good point and I appreciate the tips Jimmy! It was definitely good to be out. As I said to Rabid, if nothing else, I scared the buggers off... Or at least into the next field haha
  14. Good job I got my eyes tested

    Cheers. I will keep at it!
  15. Good job I got my eyes tested

    Yeah, still got lots to learn, that's for sure. Just got to work at it, I'll get there eventually just got to keep at it. After all it was the first time out on my own really. Only ever really shot with others. Good shooting on foxy and the rats though.