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  1. Impact

    Very nice, I’ve got the pulsar nv550 on my RWS and I love it, can’t justify the expenditure on a thermal just yet but good bits of kit!
  2. need help

    Good advice. Good hard high pressure burst of air if the gun is completely empty. If the air is coming out through the barrel your breach seal could have gone. Could be a real pain to sort so might be worth dropping into a gunsmith. Jon’s given some sound advice, cock it before charging it if its completely empty. That should help it.
  3. Impact

    Good shooting dude! Must be healthy perms with bags like that! Is that a thermal or NV on top?
  4. You know it’s been too long when...

    Yeah I can understand that, I do have the time for ferrets it's more that I have booked myself solid with stuff at the moment.
  5. You know it’s been too long when...

    Can’t argue with you there si. It’d be nice to have a chance though haha. Been trying to convince the Mrs to let me get some ferrets this year... she’s not having it though haha.
  6. The pigeons start coming to you!! Ive only managed to scratch the itch with an hours plinking, in the garden yesterday morning, recently. It’s been driving me mad, decided to gut the workshop this week to put up some new shelves and I ended up laying a new floor in the thing. Whilst standing mixing up a batch of concrete 2 woodies came and landed on the fence. Whilst 2 more stared at me from my roof. I thought of getting the rifle and then thought bugger it, if they feel that sorry for me that the’ve come to find me they can live, I don’t want their pity! all in all all though I had some fun plinking and got the rifle all sight in for the lighter nights with serious hopes I will soon be able to make some use of it. All shot at 18m with FAPs in .22 from prone of the bipod. Each grouping is 8 shots. Room for improvement but I’m already happier with my groups than I have been. Atb smithy
  7. WW3

    I'll grab me coat.... It's been good gents. I'll be in my bunker
  8. WW3

    https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ Just going to leave this here incase anyone wants to have a play... haha
  9. Get out the way!!

    Surely it’s not your fault if it HAPPENED to fly in front of your pellet
  10. Canal pike fishing

    It’s closed to all coarse fishing between them dates
  11. metal detecters

    As much as I understand the draw of metal detecting, I am not interested in it myself. Funny story though! I work as a 999 call handler for the fire service. Got a call from the police the other week and she said "Hi, we've just a had a call from a metal detecting enthusiast". I will just say now, no conversation that begins with 'I have just had a call from a metal detecting enthusiast" ends well. Low and behold within an hour we had a 500m cordon in place and EOD on the way. Luckily it wasn't a bomb but the EOD boys did say "We can definitely see why they thought it could be a bomb". Balls of steel them blokes, they walked up to it with nothing but a shovel. No bomb-proof suit, no robot, just a rusty shovel and some elbow grease! Even after they said 'Well it could definitely be something'. It was just up the road from a RAF site used during WWII. Bloody metal detectorists
  12. I'm going out of my tree

    yeah she's already well on her way to recovery. Im keeping on top of my list of things to do, don't worry about that haha, my main problem is people keep adding to the bloody thing haha.
  13. Canal pike fishing

    I know you're in ireland fella haha. that's what I am saying. Im in England and we can't fish the rivers between 15th March and 15th June. Just wish the Otters, cormorants and poachers knew that and gave a crap.
  14. Evening all, as the title says. Unfortunately, as we all know, life often ends up taken priority over our shooting escapades and there are time you cant find a spare minute to get out with a rifle. I happen to be going through that moment right now. I haven't had 5 minutes to think for the past month, Mrs has been in for surgery on her eye so we are having to travel to and from London constantly at the moment, work is busy, the house is falling apart. This morning the tumble dryer packed up. Meanwhile I keep staring at my rifle promising I will take her out soon. Ive had to lock it in the cabinet to stop me staring at it but it's driving me mental! Between the mrs, work and all the other crap i've been having to deal with the pigeons and squirrels have got bored of watching me wander round fields all day trying to shoot them and missing, they realised I can't shoot for toffee so now they have started pillaging my bird feeders! One of the fat sods was too big to hang on one so he knocked it onto the floor to get at the contents. They are taunting me fellas! and now the days are longer and the weather is nicer it looks like it might start picking up soon too. I hope you are all having fun and getting out, just had to get the rant off me chest. On a more positive note, shotgun cert application got sent off last week (referee took his time sorting out his bits) so at some point in 2032 I might get my FEO visit and maybe be able to get a shotgun that I'm too busy to use to keep me air rifle company atb Smithy
  15. Canal pike fishing

    Alright mr "I live in Ireland and we don't have a close season on our rivers". Ive had bugger all this year. Well, that's a lie, had a couple of jacks but all tiny.