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  1. I'll stick to the good old reliables then , cheers for the info.
  2. Not sure how good they are , but you can get plenty of mk4 Fenns for that money .Yes i know you have to check them more , but who doesn't like finding a dead rat?
  3. Foxes with HMR

    just re read my post , sorry i believe your 6 shot foxes , but not the post of 6 shots one fox . Whoops , should read before i submit.
  4. Foxes with HMR

    Well done mate , nice to see . I struggle to believe the 6 shots though , something went slightly wrong there ! I've shot several foxes at sub 65yrds with a .22lr , that have dropped on the spot , a handy tool in my opinion as is the .17 There is a correct tool for every occasion though.
  5. New Rat Trap Box

    Nice one mate , can't knock you for trying. i do use ply boxes with mk4's , but i generally use colins cage cubbys not sure how he makes them so cheap . I have had alot of success with them .( Colins Traps).
  6. Rat poison

    Seriously , a Mk4 Fenn in a cubby .
  7. Rat poison

    My wifes cooking.
  8. Mice

    Snap traps in killgerms Af snappa boxes with chocolate spread works a treat.
  9. Thanks outback , ive gone one better and have some pigeon shooting now , happy days.
  10. Hi outback , no luck in the gunshop . I'm in Brora.
  11. Cheers , will do , i've got to go to Invergorden tomorrow . I'll pop in onmy way back. thanks.
  12. Well done mate , i forgot what it's like to not have a permission , but know i've moved , i've had to start asking. Yesterday , just got my first yes on a small croft two fields away from me , happy days.
  13. cheers , will do , is that the hardware shop on the main street.
  14. Rain Cover ?

    Great court mate , a credit to ya. I have used hessian before , most builders merchants sell this on a roll ,( for covering up fresh brickwork),to keep the rain or frost off.
  15. Multicatch Live Rat Traps?

    Monarch do work, usually only on young rats , but why live catch?