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  1. Cuckoo

    Might be of interest to some https://www.bto.org/science/migration/tracking-studies/cuckoo-tracking
  2. Cuckoo

    Thanks for all the likes and comments people, much appreciated and glad you like my photography work.
  3. Cuckoo

    Thank you for positive comment and taking time to look at my images - much appreciated... The bird I think you're referring to is a male Redpoll which is similar in colour to Rose Finch.
  4. Cuckoo

    Thank you, much appreciated. Yes, that's the Cinnibar caterpillars, the yellow and black ones... When I was photographing the Juvenile the National Trust and volunteers were there ripping out all the Ragwort (the yellow plant pictured) that the caterpillars live and feed on, apparently it has to be at least 10 meters away from any livestock... Dont really know why.... Not too good for the young cuckoo as that's where and what it was surviving and building up on... if if you'd like to see any more of my images - https://www.flickr.com/photos/94724826@N08/
  5. Cuckoo

    Juvenile in Northumberland September time of remember right, just on the coast feeding on Cinnebar caterpillars building itself up for long journey.
  6. Cuckoo

    Generally round about early May before they arrive in UK, heard 5 in one area last year, seen 3 but never managed any images... heres one from couple year ago in scotland and one in Northumberland with meadow pipits
  7. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Cresties from Scottish Highlands couple month ago...
  8. alabama rot

    Statement put out by local vets in my area
  9. Hares

    Couple from other end of the country
  10. alabama rot

    I'm avoiding walking the dogs round that area mate, seen the signs up last week... The first signs of the disease are normally identified as skin lesions and sores that have not been caused by an injury. These sores are most commonly found around the legs and feet and appear as a distinctive swelling, open reddened and ulcerated skin; these usually develop within approximately two to seven days. Once infected, dogs can develop signs of sudden kidney failure. These signs include lethargy, vomiting, reduced hunger and, in some cases, abdominal pain.
  11. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Crested tit or affectionately known as "The punk of the forest" , this stunning little bird is only found in Caledonian pine forests and woodland of the Scottish Highlands here in the UK, they come down to lower branches during colder periods to feed and in warmer weather keep to the tops and feed on the insects.
  12. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Do you go to Clara Vale for the Jays George ???
  13. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Great detail George 👍
  14. photoshop download

    You would be better getting a monthly subscription for Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC http://www.adobe.com/uk/creativecloud/photography.html This is what I do, run programmes off my laptop and desktop but save images on external hard drive so not to slow machines down 👍