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  1. Early Td5 Discos

    Had it not far off a year now, it's fast, it holds the road really well, it's very economical, dead comfortable on long journeys, loads of room in the back (like a van with the seats down), cheap and easy to service (have done discs/pads/inner and outer steering arms/2 oil services/strut inserts and a few other bits) it would make a brilliant family car I'd say.
  2. Early Td5 Discos

    I had a 1998 TD5 for 10 years ( the same one), did around 200,000 miles in it, and loved it. Had a few small problems with it, but if you can do stuff yourself or find a good trusted independent lad then they are no worse to own than a normal car. This "3 amigos" lights thing, is only a problem because people try and avoid replacing the hub unit, I did both my fronts with s/h Timmken ones (avoid the cheap ebay ones) they cost around £50 each + an hours labour for someone who knows the job, never had a problem again. Sunroofs leaking is an absolute twat, but you do get used to it and learn to lean out of the way on corners It never bothered me enough to drop the headlining and sort it out though. I did have to replace the BCU/fusebox thing because of corrosion due to the leak, years ago and it cost me around £60 I think and took a few minutes to do. Had a few coolant leaks at first, until I replaced all the pipes, was cheap to do, just took a bit of time, never had another problem. I facelifted mine, and got an interior off a 2004 one, it had only done 20K, mine looked mint the day I sold it 10 years later. The things that made me realise mine needed to go were the chassis at the back, I'd had it repaired a couple of times but it needed properly replacing to last a few more years, and the s/h parts problem, even the very last of the D2's are now 13 years old, so good s/h parts are getting scarce, there is a really good breakers run by Paul McGill, but you have join the queue for some parts as loads of lads seem to be chasing the same parts. There are a few really good "Geek" sites for them, loads of lads who are dead keen to help. My plan was to sell mine and buy a LM322 RR TD6, but then a car came up and I let it go. I keep looking on ebay at late D2's, I miss mine, I reckon I'll be back in a Lanny soon enough. Photos from a few days before it went, 260K miles on it ... Replaced with this (which I'll swap for a decent RR) Subaru Legacy 2.0D SE
  3. I'll bring my dog and he'll do the 2 in one
  4. strongstuff will be there It's only 10 minutes from my house, would be rude not to
  5. What Boots To Get ?

    is the sole any good on you're new ones? Is it a common fault or were you unlucky do yo think I'm told, and it could of course be bollocks ... That the midsole part will degrade over time, normally slower than the outer sole wears so there is never a problem, the midsole is replaced when the outer sole is, they come as a unit, in the case of my boots they may have been old stock and the midsole degraded quicker than the outer sole ... Time will tell if that is nonsense. The new sole looks fine so far after a good few months wear, I'm heavy on boots in a different way to digging lads, I walk, quite a lot in mine on roads and that is hard on them.
  6. What Boots To Get ?

    Hanwag. I know a few who've got them so I got them last spring, been the most comfortable boots I've had, and I've had Lowa, Meindl etc. Had a problem with the soles on mine after 15 months wearing them, I do around 90 minutes walking a day, every day in them, the midsole crumbled, rang Bushcraft, they got them sorted with Hanwag and I had them resoled within 4 days. The uppers are definitely the best leather I've seen, some of the Meindl boots look like they are made out of plastic these days, they used to be good, but now they are made in Hungary or some other equally shit place. Just saying ...
  7. Cheshire Gamefair

    Brilliant day out!
  8. Cheshire Gamefair

    f***ing hell! Don't anyone hold their breath! I do hope to see you there though young fellow! I'll be there of course, lurking as ever
  9. Uk Game Fair Is Cancelled!!

    Have you misunderstood mate? It looks like "UK Game Fair" has been cancelled and amalgamated into "Game Fair" (the new name for the CLA) so as to create 1 big event. But, I could be wrong, it has been known haha
  10. What a brilliant day! Really enjoyed ourselves, thanks to all @ Cheshire Hunt for their hospitality. Definitely a date for the diary for next year
  11. Had lots of enquiries through FB after I put the flyer on, so hopefully will be a busy show! I'll be there of course with plenty of gear made up
  12. Bump! Looking forward to this
  13. Tracking Collars

    Oh, that's not so good is it, sorry I wasn't more help. I wonder if they have been in trouble for unlocking them maybe?
  14. Best Collars , Leads And Equipment?

    Ive leather collars and leads that have been used on dog,after dog,some over 20 years old and still strong,reliant and serviceable,Lets be a tad honest here pal,you want peoples dollar and encourage your ss EXPENSIVE merchandise,well done and good luck with that,yet when i first encountered your merchandise i thought it was a joke and still do,its expensive and second rate to leather,fact.There is a market for both and i applaud your industry and ability to earn an income from it,very well done.Leather will weather,ive yet to see a cow go slimy,stretch or rot,unless dead,as the majority of leather goods are made from dead animals you may have a point,but you stretch it beyond belief to encourage the useage of your expensive wares,ive leather here that cost me £2, 20 years ago and the same that cost me a £5 last year,ill still be using both in many years to come,plus ive just paid a small fortune to have another rubber sole put on my 15 year old boots,the leathers fine,the non leather keeps letting them down.Your avatar picture is a prime example why id never put a ss collar on a runner. Boots ... No arguments on that one, Trickers x 2, Loake, Hanwag and Lowa here. Expensive? Behave. Avatar photo is not a runner, of any description, you never had that horrible feeling when you're dragging your dog off something and yet another shitty collar snaps? My gear isn't the best because I say it is, it is the thousands of lads who know they can trust it not to fail like leather can. I don't earn a living from it full time, I couldn't be arsed with the increase in messers I'd have to deal with if I relied on it to feed me. The day i need to drag a dog away or off something is the day i know i failed the dog.I command the mutt obeys and as i seldom work them with a collar it would be a futile task to tug at whats in my pocket or rucksack and the fecking numptys that need to drag their jukels away with force may be best suited to your merchandise,only joking-perhaps.Im happy that you get revenue from your gear and fully appreciate the difficullty it takes in earning a crust at times,very well done and i say that without any form of malice or mischief mucker.I can source a leather collar that will fit a big lurcher and last for more than the lurchers life,£5,how much would an ss collar be to fit the same type of mutt?. "Leave!" ... Righto. £5, it would cost £4.45 to post that! Where are they made for a fiver? By 6 year olds in China? Minimum wage in UK is around £7, they must be making a few an hour to make any profit by the time material costs are taken into account. One of mine would be £15 to £20. Thus i could go to Hargreaves in Keighley and take home a bespoke Buffalo leather collar that will last me a lifetime for a snippance of what you charge,it will fit far snugger,thus being far,far,far,far safer if left on a runner,fact.As i walk past the place most days i may not need the postage charge,even with id have 2 for the price of 1.Supply and demand mucker and market forces dictate the market,you do well enough im sure,good luck and no ill regards.I just don,t like ss gear,as many do keep at it. What's this "safer" thing, unless you can show me any direct evidence where a collar I made has proved to be unsafe, then I strongly suggest you pack that nonsense in. Are you the H+S representative for "jukels" now then? I would suggest that there are many lads who say that the gear I make has actually saved their dog from serious injury, and I'm going to leave that there. I'd also point out that the materials in my collars cost more than £5.