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  1. Pups first season

    He's shaping up well for you👍
  2. Pups

    Nice strong head on that pup. Atb with him Sean. Your due a bit luck
  3. The Dealer Dog

    What way was the dog bred?
  4. Wheaten Greyhounds

    could ya not stick him over a wheaten grey bitch ffs, lol, id drive down for a pup.Hes a nice animal len, if everything goes to plan an shovel shy good to go at end of season, theres a pup there for you lad, nobother at all. If you breed her Francie let me no. I'm thinking of getting my young lad a lurcher
  5. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Lol True that but we will let it slide saying she has some skills in the ring
  6. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Congratulations to Katie Taylor on becoming world champion 🇮🇪 took a few shots but mainly boxed the ears off the other girl.
  7. View From Your Swim

    That's a cracker picture 👍
  8. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Some good runs there. Getting the dogs plenty of work 👍
  9. Jeremy. 07811170471 Len. . .07759690354
  10. Not All Up For It.

    Guiding the fox to ground with the shotgun 😂😂
  11. Observation

    If u have something against the man have it out with him proper.all this cryptic shit is nonsense. Not much worse than a man who spreads rumours about other men's dogs. Usually they are the ones who keep shite dogs in there yard and it's just jealously. At the end of the day a dog only has to impress its owner. Some people love other men's dog failing and to tell the world about it. Sad really Imo.
  12. What Film

    Most of the best movie quotes and 1 liners iv heard have come from Clint Eastwood films
  13. What Film

    Josey Wales?
  14. Tie Out Chains/tethers.

    cheers roy I sell theses with climbing carabiners to tie out sold lot to terrier lads clip will not open What price are you selling them for?
  15. Hunting / Wild Life Tattoos

    Many hours of pain ahead of you yet! It should turn out well though