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    Lovely bitch Caesar!
  2. Hound Pack Pictures

    Cracking Russell!

    Bottom 2 are crackers Shane..
  4. line breeding?

    So what if you have several sisters working dilly, an average sized bitch is the best worker, a few weaklings (beginning to come through) and a few big/strong bitches. Are you saying believe in the blood and ignore the best and breed off the best of the bigger sisters? When you see these issues arising would you not be better off breeding off the best bitch (obviously providing she's not a weakling which would rarely if ever be the case) with a dog of the same line but enough of an outcross? ie. Stop breeding so tight!
  5. line breeding?

    Theres no hard and fast rules when it comes to line breeding. You work with the cards you're dealt. In an ideal world rules like "only 5 seasoned stud dogs of hard graft" are all well and good but older terriers may need replacing/kennels filling, a young bitch may need to be bred or a younger stud with a mixture of both performance and blood (breeding) may be more suitable. A proven well tested line is hard to come by and easy to lose! I agree 100% with FM and fair play for being open and honest. Needs must!, and if it's well thought out and seems the best way to go with no money involved, why not? We are all just doing our best. Too many "experts" toe the party line saying I wouldn't breed off such & such until such and such! I know from experience this is not always the case....Nobody knows it all, just my opinion, not directed at anyone. (FD those rules have served you well, over the years, fair play and good advice in an ideal world)
  6. line breeding?

    You're right D you can watch and study pups and take your pick accordingly. It's then in the lap of the Gods. What I'm trying to say is a lot of thought, research and work, keeping things tight to a proven well tested line increases your chances of success as opposed to haphazard breeding relying on luck.👍
  7. line breeding?

    That's a fair point DE. I had a great dog with mixed blood but good breeding. You couldn't but take a chance and breed him. Bred him several times. Although there's a few pups working there wasn't a high enough percentage per litter. There's no hard and fast rules. It could have clicked. But that's where luck comes into it. I just think to maintain a line, keep it as tight as possible for as long as possible. 👍
  8. line breeding?

    The thing about luck, it runs out! To keep a line going you need to know it inside out, the breeding right back, the better individuals with better traits and the ability to pass on those traits. When things are going well keep as tight as possible, all the while thinking ahead and regularly breeding to the baseline but with subtle differences to give you room to continue, so you don't box yourself in. When those slight variations fail, discard and continue with what is working. And when the time comes to recognize it and not be afraid to outcross. If successful, then fold it back into the original with the aim of keeping drive and vigour (maybe strength and size) but changing the original as little as possible.....Easier said than done! No expert jmho! ATB..
  9. line breeding?

    According to the science behind it, both dog and bitch contribute equally and its then down to dominant and recessive genes. That said, the general belief round us was the dog needs to be rough and ready and able to kill his fox but the bitch was more important. As to which has a longer bearing is an interesting one....👍
  10. Julian barnfield grass

    Some foxhound packs here are and have been hunted by not only top class hound men but top class terriermen to boot. Men who know more about breeding, working and digging terriers than most ever will...men you definitely could not call posh!
  11. Julian barnfield grass

    Like everything else there's good and bad amongst them. Wether we (including them) like it or not, we all have to try to understand where each other is coming from and the fact that we need to stand together to preserve all our way of lives. In saying that I wouldn't trust or rely on them to protect our interests. Work with everyone but 'watch OUR own house'..jmo
  12. Fox terrier

    That Fox terrier was stone mad for foxes. Always remember as kids we were hunting a disused quarry. We were down the base looking up and could see Rogue following a line out onto a ledge, where he put up what must have been a sleeping fox. The fox had nowhere to go except straight off the edge and without any hesitation was closely followed by terrier in hot pursuit. Hard to say but It must have been 30-40m high. Both were dead, except 4-5m tall briars at the base broke their fall..I was damn glad to hear him give tongue up through that cover. Nothing to do with digging but happy days..👍
  13. Fox terrier

    Had one as a youngfella, he was a gamey cranky fiery fecker. Dug him single handed several times. But he was not tested by any manner or means and doubt he would have come to much..

    Brilliant... spunky little blitter! Straight in no kissing!
  15. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Fine bitch Andy, like the cut of the terrier in the background too 👍