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  1. Merry Christmas lads

    He is a wheaten bull Grey mate
  2. Some Pic

    Yes lads she loved it 👍
  3. Some Pic

    Took the wee girl out hunting for the first time the day
  4. My 2 Dogs

    Thanks whitebuck
  5. My 2 Dogs

    Cheers roybo 👍
  6. My 2 Dogs

    Same dog lad lol
  7. My 2 Dogs

    25tts mate
  8. My 2 Dogs

    11 month old now
  9. Wheaten Cross

    One with a hair cut lol
  10. Wheaten Cross

    My wheaten bull grey pup
  11. Lets See Your Working Russells

    My wee bitch
  12. Wheaten Bull Grey Pic

    Some nice dogs lads 👍
  13. Wheaten Bull Grey Pic

    Lol first cross wheaten bull is his dad lol