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  1. wheaten greyhound

    He is 18 months old mate had 7 foxes going good so far
  2. wheaten greyhound

    Yes mate
  3. wheaten greyhound

    Got a bull whippet and a wheaten bull Grey mate
  4. wheaten greyhound

    That's good mate hope he go's well for you
  5. wheaten greyhound

    Longers01 nice dog mate how old is he
  6. wheaten greyhound

    Billhardy that is a nice dog got any more pictures of him
  7. Merry Christmas lads

    He is a wheaten bull Grey mate
  8. Some Pic

    Yes lads she loved it 👍
  9. Some Pic

    Took the wee girl out hunting for the first time the day
  10. My 2 Dogs

    Thanks whitebuck
  11. My 2 Dogs

    Cheers roybo 👍
  12. My 2 Dogs

    Same dog lad lol