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  1. Pairing up

    Yep had two ta ground tuseday.admittedly weather was very bad.happy days
  2. Out Today

    Joys of been a doorman.lol.
  3. Out Today

    Nice one foxpack
  4. Out Today

    Thanks lads.nice when it works out like that
  5. Out Today

    Out today trying a few holes.weather was perfect for it.tried a few places no joy.then dropped on two foxes in one handy place. No hounds or lurchers with us only terriers.happy out
  6. A message from Gnasher.

  7. Half cross bull greyhound

    Weve a half x out with us every week.bitch is a good honest bitch.over the last two seasons shes knocked more than her fair share of different game.we use her lamping and day time foxing.the one thing id knock her on would be speed.its more obvious as shes getting older
  8. Out Today

    Thanks lads.weathers getting good for it
  9. Out Today

    Some very good hunting today.some music for a small pack.my father got this lad in the last cover of the day.great end to the day.
  10. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    How could he be a leading expert and tracker when theres no real pictures.. no real evidence... and the escaped lynx had to be shot..som expert him
  11. The Noble Order of the Perpetually Offended........

    Its sickening.cant say f**k all nowadays. Politician over here was fined 7500 last week because he asked a woman "was she married or have kids" in an interview.
  12. Out Today

    First pictur is my son watching cover sunday.real bad day.only met one fox all day.waterford hounds were out the day before.always next week. Went out tonight and got this fine dog fox.good kill for steve.his first fox after his injury.back fit again hopefully season kicks off again for the dog
  13. Who needs a bellman lol

    my own fella dos it regularly.handy tool to have
  14. Rip poppy

    Weve all been there and lost dogs lads. Just take it in and move on.learn from it. Take pluckys advice.you wont go far wrong.lads on here that do a bit of digging should be offering advice to lee not slating him.to much bitching.take In the positive comments lee.