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  1. jambalaya

    I do remember that picture.and he was deadly serious
  2. jambalaya

    I was lost. But after two years of reading about it im pretty clued in lol
  3. jambalaya

    I didnt even get ta read what I was tagged in.lol
  4. jambalaya

    I got banned off one patterdale site cos you tagged me ffs. Terrier lounge would rather close then leave out its secrets lol
  5. jambalaya

    Terriermen??? Nope dog peddlars a more fitting term for them.and yes I no who they are.anybody over here regards them as terriermen are what youd call fucktards.
  6. jambalaya

    Here we go again.
  7. Account

    Thl is slowly but surely dying a death. Sensible lads that work there dogs are logging off and the same ould jackassess are the ones contributing to threads,well if u call it that.. hopefully it picks up again
  8. Only in ireland

    Small bit too far?
  9. Jackers

    Then sold to america with false peds
  10. 40 pound foxes.

    Not a 40 pounder but a fine fox today
  11. F2 Beagle x Spaniel crosses

    Father top picture.mother and son below
  12. Abbefeale Hunting Festival

    Tory hill and mullinavats should be good hunting.have seen both on many occasions
  13. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Well done foxpack.
  14. 40 pound foxes.

    And a needle in its shoulder
  15. Season finished

    I think most lads are the same Glynn. We try give a good crack at the likely places towards the back end of the season.some jobs need doing over the summer and thats just life.but youl have lsds posting on here and on Facebook pictures of there days digging.when the truth is most are just not into the cold weather.