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  1. Planned litters

    Are you after a Wheaton x mate or have you got some planned?
  2. wheaten greyhound

    Too right mate nowt Ellse mixed in that’s how you want it
  3. wheaten greyhound

    My type of dog that mate.
  4. wheaten greyhound

    So back to the original question any decent Wheaton x dogs out there 1st xs or generation 1xs
  5. wheaten greyhound

    Yes not sure on percentages she’s a good bitch will take bigger stuff but also the type of dog to catch you your tea. She’ll sly off and catch a rabbit she that type of dog makes her handy for running wi the little hounds
  6. wheaten greyhound

    Well this post kicked off lol! The reason I asked is to put a strong first x to my brother Bitch deerhound greyhound xWheaton greyhound. My mate bred some first xs years ago out of his pure Wheaton dog to an x raccer and the produced some strong type same as what jiggy has. I’d want them to run with my little hounds. Not botherd for a bull x for type if ground I hunt. As them first x Wheatons we’re sucessfull all them years ago Failing that I know a man with pure Wheaton that I can put an x racer to
  7. Is there any one breeding decent wheaton xs I want a pup to run with the little hounds just as a catch dog. My brother got a good wheaton x bitch but it finding a good game dog for her.
  8. Out Today

    I like the wheaton xs aswell
  9. Out Today

    What lurchers you run mate bull xs?
  10. Out Today

    Nice one we keep knocking loads about but There urban spots so carnt use gun
  11. Out Today

    Was you running the beagles mate? And good do
  12. Out Today

    Nice one good pictures 👍
  13. Was Out Saturday

    I same mate and yeah itS my mates permission. Iv got 3 hounds and so has he but I’m getting rid of one as I’m moving house