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Great cross Ive a little bitch here ten year old got of a lad on here from Barnsley 

total asset great little bitch I’ll struggle to replace her never went to ground not interested which grand for me will turn her hand to anything even at ten no signs of slowing up yet 

if I wasn’t about to move into new place I’d be all over these myself 

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Should and will make great bushing dogs i would put my house on it and would be tempted to give one a go but i just can't seem to gel with terriers and knowing my luck i would get one more to the terrier and the golf course near me is half a dozen active billy setts that rabbits also go down when pushed.

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Seen a lad down the woods this morning with one it was an absolute cracking little bitch even though it was only a pet it was working it's head off. I had 20 minutes talking to him he said she was 4 nearly and he got her as a pup from Matlock in Derbyshire from working parents. He said she is a good dog around the house and is not one bit of trouble.

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Sounds great cross we had show bred cocker just a pet but even he would have loved to work. Plus they tend to be good temperaments though ours was tad excitable lol . But that was just poor raising 

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On 29/02/2024 at 04:53, Flacko said:

Mate of mine just had litter of pups drop me a pm if interested should be decent grafters sire cocker bitch terrier black & black &tan

A hard hunting Cocker and a hard biting Terrier I hope. You can't beat them.

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Even though I was impressed with this little black bitch this lad had I bumped into Sunday morning and I was impressed with it's coat has well that was slightly brocken and harsh and did not pick thorns and burrs up I would still be a bit on edge around billy setts with it. 

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Straight after reading this yesterday, I was looking for something else on either preloved, freeads or pets4homes and saw an ad for two nine month old pups bred this way. I think they were only £100 each.

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