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It never ceased to amaze me

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The kindness of the lads on here 

SKoT wolf got in touch with me on here to say he had a little some thing for me, 

And could we meet up now iv talked to skot for years on here 

Took the mick out of him more than once just banter mind as we do lol

So I told him he was welcome here any time 

Well a day and time was set and he turned up and strait away pulls out a hw97kt black line out in 22 

And hands it to me 


Naaaa I can't take this 

No you wanted a project now you have one 

Take the wrap off and blue it 

I was gob smacked 

Not only did he give me the rifle but it was fitted with a mamba light mtc scope 

Thank you so much for this gift skot 

I can't say it enough mate 


I'll leave the rest of the write up for skot to finish 

Started to strip it this morning 

Lads now do I 

Strip it to silver and polish the shit out of it or do I blue it 

Atvbjimmy 👍👍👍








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We had a great day!

Went to the gunshop an shooting range. Went back to bigmacs for some of his wifes home made spag bol. Very nice and great hospitality from them.

Then went to bigmacs awesome farm shooting. As we got there we parked the cars up got the guns out.. there was a jackdaw in a tree i took with a perfect headshot jist dropped like a stone. Then mac got a crow from a hedge next to it.

Went for a little walk and i saw some woodpigeons in a field about 100 yards away. Crept up the side of a fence and a few flew off but some stayed.. got rested on the fence an took the closest one with a perfect shot to the top/back/side of the head. It just fell over head first. The sun was goin down behind me and the hw110 doesnt move when you shoot so i saw the pellet fly an smash its head in haha i was well buzzing. Shouted bigmac to come over an then got the lazer range finder out and it was a 50 yards shot i was well happy lol. Went and got it then we sat in a little hidey hole about 30 yards from a sitty tree. Few crows showed up. Jimmy smacked the first one in the chest with his slugs and it made a right crack ! Then another jackdaw showed up . Same tree. 

I lined it up and was ready to take the shot when the bird sat still. And... nothing ? My friggin safety was still on so i lowered the rifle and took it off but then lost sight of where the bird was so i told jimmy to take the shot instead and he took that one too.

Went for another mooch after and mac spotted a rabbit. I didnt even see it but he got prone and took it with a heart shot. It was still limping about tho so i quickly finished it off with a quick shot to the head before it could get to the cover of a big container it came out from. 

Then i bagged another little rabbit under a hedge with a nice kneeling shot. That will do for the BBQ today 😋

Had a chat stood at the cars with mac an VislaUK nice to meet them both and iv been invited back now iv shown bigmac how to shoot i must have left a good impression. Mac very kindly offered for me to stay over at his but i decided to just go home. Lovely night for a 2 hour drive home 😌 

Good day with some good people. Hope bigmac is happy with my old hw97 it served me well for a lot of years but its just been gathering dust and getting neglected recently so its gone to a good home. He does a lot for the sport so i couldnt think of a better man to give it to. A nice project to keep him busy for a bit and keep him out of trouble 🤣

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24 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

Is there enough room to get a pellet in with that scope on?  Iv got same rifle an my scope is longer than I thought it would be, don’t look as long as that one tho. Lovely guns I still ain’t had a chance to play with mine yet😳 twice iv went to go sort it an twice iv been sidetracked, hopefully tomorrow now as I on a double today 

Just mind 

Even harder when you have fingers like mine lol

There cracking rifles and not one of the best for nothing 

Atvbjimmy 👍👍👍

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