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Well, I’ve got a Simmons WTC 3.5-10 x 50 on mine. Set up at 100, point and shoot out to 120. Hmr isn’t a 150 yard fox calibre, 100 yards maybe, head shot. I don’t rate them for anything other than head shot on fox. They will work but tend to run on engine room shots. 20 grain are your best bet for that. WMR is a better rimfire for fox imo.

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Ok thanks,have had some experience with a 243 on a range and get good grouping at 200.as for the .17 I can set myself up a seat 100 yards from a feeding site we use for Ravens,Buzzards and Red kites.Can also do the same on most of the ground I intend to coverGoing forward some of the big arable stuff I have I would need more range would you suggest the 243 or something else?

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6 minutes ago, BenBhoy said:

Hmr isn't a fox calibre @ 150yds 

Yeah I got that now 100 yds or less one thing I don’t want is wounded foxes,I’m lucky in the sense I have lived and worked on the estate all my life so I know where I can set up and be within 100 yds for a shot but there is still a fare amount of ground where extra range will be needed so all advice greatly appreciated.

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43 minutes ago, BenBhoy said:

Hmr isn't a fox calibre @ 150yds 

I totally agree I’ve shot them in the bib area at 80/100yds and they have dropped on the spot with 17g but no further than that, in my opinion it’s a rabbit calibre and scope wise it’s whatever suits you I’ve had a Simmons 3.5 10 50 and hawkes but I’ve got an 8x32x50 scope that I really get on with but I am short sighted so need all the help I can get lol.

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Do you intend to shoot at nite , I presume so as your after fox if that’s the case are you going to get a add on nite vision , or us a lamp 

either way will determine what scope to go for 

IE = add on you need a low base mag scope , or if lamp well it don’t really matter 


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Dawnraider - maybe a .17 Remmy might suit your needs better? If hard to come by then as above a WMR might be better, and still a rimfire (if force being funny about CF on grant).

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Scopes get very personal, so does the reticle and magnification used, as long as you can see clearly at the distances you want it's down to you.  There is very little kick on the HMR so you don't need anything particularly rugged, air rifle scopes can be fine but many are parallax set for 100 max so be careful.

I have to agree with other comments here, if your primary use is fox at 100-150 yards that is stretching the HMR, I would be looking more at Hornet or 222/223.   

The HMR is probably my primary Fox tool but I do a lot of domestics, certainly I'm very confident with the HMR (17g V-Max) to 100, or maybe 120, but when it comes to 150 I have to be very sure and don't use it often.  The fox can commonly be brought in much closer than 150 anyway, but everyones situation is different. The HMR gets a lot of stick for wind drift, and it certainly can move a lot, (but every calibre is effected by wind), so 150 yard shots need a lot of thought (PRACTICE/EXPERIENCE).

I don't see my 22 WMR (30g V-Max) any much different to my HMR distance wise on the fox.  If I knew I was constantly going to be in the region of 100-150 I would take my .223, that would see me comfortably to 150 and more.

My .243 is an excellent tool for fox at distance, with the likes of the 55g V-Max, they fly fast with devastating results and are really gentle on the shoulder, it's like shooting a much smaller calibre, I would use that 150++.

Good luck.

Few with the HMR from a School job! I can't remember all the distances but I don't think any were further than 100, most less. :thumbs:


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what range do you feel comfortable with on fox with the 55g vmax 243 

i reload and will get a box to try , how flat is flat , a round without the recoil would suit me a bit better on fox instead of 95 g


just looked on hornady and vit web , I can’t find data for 243 55g v max 

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