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A few hours out..

Mr Wilkes

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It was good to get out netting last night, the wind wasn’t perfect and this place is a nightmare to predict so it’s a case of rolling up and then making a plan of attack. It was dark with a good south westerly breeze coming up the valley so we ( Smithie and I) decided to set a 20 yrd net around a gateway that we’ve named the horseshoe field. It gave us a chance to test a new net I made ( double knit 4 1/2” mesh) . The rabbits travel up a very steep bank and into the field via the gateway but don’t always exit the same way . The net run out perfectly , we then made our way along the stone wall and up a hill to get behind  the rabbits and bant the field back to the gateway. We worked into the wind tapping a couple of pegs as we went. Rabbits were getting up and racing to the gateway but after hearing squealing in the net quite a few headed back into the field and past us. We only ended with four but hell  it was good to be out.




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No mate the wind was whipping up the valley and hitting us on the back as we set the net, this place is very difficult to net, we’ve been running out nets in a plum wind for it to change as we were doing so, we’ve  had some good hauls off this land in the past on a totally wrong wind.

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i think the thing with wind it can be more about concealing sound as much as scent.....

in other words whilst netting the wrong way ...with your scent blowing towards the rabbits might be an issue ...the fact theres a good wind can conceal your noise....

and i think sound is more important to hide than scent with regards to rabbit longnetting....

i recon 4 is quite good just from a gateway ..

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Agree 100% Tomo , rabbits will squat if your quiet and they can smell you but run like hell if they hear you. And as Smithie says if all else fails then the horseshoe field will produce a couple.

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