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First trip this season


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First trip out with the ferrets this year, as said before no shortage rabbits here. Now before any one says its summer we been mooching/bushing now for while as farmer said he would just shoot and leave them if we didnt get up. We been picking high teens low twentys up with just terriers between 4 to 8 dogs. Now to the ferrets first time out this season took my three jills two been out before silver one first trip out as this years young. Picked four nice open set ran nets out and farmer turned up for once went like clock work 27 out with in 3 hrs. Then went picked terriers up walked same fields nailed three and farmer Collie got one ended up 31.  I have never seen as many rabbits on this place and i been at it a while the place looks like they used to say about pre mixi days,Trying to put photo up in min.



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Their we go I know slippers and short not the best hunters look !! Out the 31 only one half grown as say blessed at min with this place its alive. PUD

Another cracking day well morning got pick up 7 30 am was on the job 8 45 did one big warren finished at 12 00 got 40 with ferrets and picked 4 up with terriers grand morning. PUD 

Had look out day been ratting a lot lately, very wet up here the day, so done strip wood rapid ferreting. Ran long nets through few place in the woods, and just put ferrets in were terriers marked war

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She very dark lad up here bred her last year lot eu in her. 

FD total score with ferrets was 27 

But like said we been mooching bushing the reeds moors salt/grass etc as he was going to shoot them and just leave them so what do you do?

Last half dozen time with terriers had 17, 17, 18, 24, 6 ,15 and 3 yesterday in the field we already ferreted.


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