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Pure beeds where would you be without them ?

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On 19/12/2022 at 15:21, mC HULL said:

08D4080F-ECF2-4C6A-B2C5-DAE2B4495B35.png.62ed5d4e382f8e6f8eb109422b995e40.png5A4FF6E2-B551-481E-865B-815C0F612959.png.89b54d901e9323273319101a98ecdac1.pngisrael top iraq bottom 

the galgos has greyhound and saluki influence in it and you can see it a mile off 

The galgo is the gypsy dog simple as that ,the true gypsy tribes that traveled from India and what is now Pakistan immigrated into Europe taking with them running and hunting type dogs  and the galgo is one of them ,the ROM was the people who kept the type in Spain , Portugal.

They saluki typesall over Asia 


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3 hours ago, levigsp said:

yes but dipped with what? Henna, Potassium Permanganate or coal tar?


Often a home made concoction containing turmeric, dried pepper paste , henna or what ever "secret" ingredients they prefer. There are over the counter dips and rubs available similar to Curaco over here.

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