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HW 100 45yds vs 20yds

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Newbie to the forum so I might not be posting in the correct forum or using the correct terminology..... but I have a newly acquired HW100.

I've sighted it in at 45 yds and its very accurate and stikes hard...... but at 20 yds it's striking 6 inches high. Surely that's not right is it guys ?

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What cal is it? Twenty two I would assume.

Think of the pellets flight path mate... pellet leaves the barrel, up and through the first zero and then drops onto your 45 yard zero. If you zeroed it at a normal persons range 😂 say 30, your first zero would be around 12-15 yards. Interestingly, your first zero would be well before 20 yards for your pellet to strike 6 inch above at 20, for it to land at 45 bang on. Which kinda means the rifles literally lobbing it. 

Set targets up at 10, 15, 20, 25 etc all the way to 45 and see what your pellets doing. 

Why 45 might I ask? 

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if you are shooting average weight 22 s of very heavy 177 s it sounds about right .  if you feel you have a problem you will need a chrono . if the gun is shooting accurately out to 45 it is sounds ok .

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Learn to use your mill dots and leave it the way it is :rtfm:

zeroed at 45yrds im surprised it even hit the paper at 20yrds 

bring your zero down to 30 or 35 yrds if its sub 12 and not fac

easy :diablo:

or set at 20 and learn your mill dots out to 45

same affect ether way

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Thanks guys.......... it's a .22 cal. I just don't think there should be 6" difference in the strike between 20yds and 45 yds. 45yds btw is is just a convenient range for my location.

Its been suggested that the scope may not be bedded correctly so its not level ??

Appreciate your thoughts....


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