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mark williams

Set and ready to go.

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Well I,ve knocked up a steel fronted feeder as the backstop has to be steel, I soon found that the .177 Fields and Express turn them into colanders in no time.

                  Screwed this feeder to a dead tree and laced it with aniseed oil, all it needs now is some B&M Bargains peanuts :rolleyes:

                  Here's the feeder



Here's the location, I will build a natural hide to and around the tree with dead wood , camo netting etc





                            atb. Mark.

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So glad Mark ,squirrels in no way look like your "pigeon " heads so go get im if youve not blown away in storm Brendan .Its proper fence rattling "hoolie" weather 

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Don’t really need the aniseed oil Mark , just peanuts.

I think it was Matt manning vid who had one feeder with peanuts and another by its side with corn with aniseed oil and all squirrels went to the peanuts straight of 

I mix mine with wheat and peanuts and so far since October, I have shot 102 squirrels 

Not all off feeders though , shot fair few up in the trees and coming out of the dreys 



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Nice one marko. What distance you all set for? Show us ya hide when it’s all set up mate.

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We mixed the peanuts with a little wheat to enhance 'slide' and maize but our squirrels have turned their nose up at the maize to the point that the feed tray was full of unwanted maize. Our feeders due to their size only need filling every 5 or 6 days but for the time being we have to keep popping in the wood to clear the maize. 

I have just mixed a new dustbin of feed but this time drastically reduced the maize. When all the nuts have gone, we are going to just run maize / wheat for a while to see if over time they will take the maize mix.

Off up there this morning before the rain comes and there in excess of 1500 pigeon resting and roosting in the trees as they lift off the rape in the next field.


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Yep Phil , I found maize not that good either

but wheat and peanuts are the ones they favour , over anything else 

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