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Having trouble getting pup to pickup

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10 minutes ago, poxon said:

I try an pick rabbits wisely for young dogs being bought on the furthest out in the field try an work out we’re there likely headed an walk out from that spot with young dogs I keep cool as a cucumber as there learning an Rome wasn’t built in a day some young uns want to just run them to begin with but as said the penny will drop there want to catch soon as they learn how the new fascinating game runs 

Wise words 

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He's past his prime and aproching 9 but he can still catch a few 

Your only 10 mins from me give me a pm and I'll take you out with my little rabbit dog, I'll help you get yours going 

Someone's got a scruffier yard than me  I'm delighted 

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As above tug of war, but if the pup doesn't hold onto dummy with a good grip don't let it have it, take it for another course and pull out of mouth if the grip is rubbish and tug of war on a good grip with some encouragement.

I probably done this to much with my hound because;

Down side;

My hound has a great ball retrieve (shit with rabbits) but the buggar grips in tight when I try to take it out his mouth usually have to say release a couple of times (not aggressive, just wants to play with it)

Rabbits get a death grip.


Good strike.

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Going to go out with her today find a good stick to bring home and make a flirt pole give that a try, thanks for all the tips and comments guys i really appriciate it i have been getting back into this world blind just trying to remember stuff from when i was a kid it helps to get help :)

Ill post any updates on how the bitch is doing

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