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Foxpack 2

2019 season

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Great weekend up keepers in scotland .had 2 days bushing foxes .

We ended up with 9 put 15 out.

All the bushers done excellent .really worked well .although flying brian done it again.man of the match ! As the head keeper said.he bolted 3 good foxes out of a massive spot .all shot .real shame that he is 9 years old this year .gonna take some replacing .


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Some real good spots.but couldn't take many pics as some of the keepers where a bit funny about it .but its first time I've been invited there.


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Brilliant control keepers be made up a lot of poults saved 9 Charlie cause carnage round pens etc atb taffey 

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4 spots sortedfor today had both farmers with us ,first spot ,nothing but rabbits ,2nd spot produces 1.which cleanly gets away 


3 rd spot produces fox which is shot at and turned back to cover,little bushers go quite ,no brian . After locating him he is steady away baying at the fox .eventually we get him out and fox dispatched cleanly. 


Last spot produces another fox that uses a dry stone wall to avoid a clean shot !!

Great day all round .


Foxes haven .take some moving in there .but take my hat off to the little bushers ,they can move em.!!

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Lovely voice when they on gets the blood flowing when they sing 👍atb taffey lovely country for Charlie boy 

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Back at it this weekend carnt wait. Had hell of a good season last season hope this one's the same

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