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Lad out for morning

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Old bitch a spectator now cancer slowing her down hope she still here when it warms ups can enjoy the sunshine 


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Nice going , not been finding much in the ground by me . Had my first two last Thursday. Unless you are out with the hounds there hasn’t been much about , I was on a pheasant shoot during some of the worst weather this year not so long back and the beaters put a brace up in one of the covers. Why were they not in the ground? Let’s hope for some bad weather .

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2 hours ago, Robbusher said:

Took lad out with terriers on some new permission this morning found four earths there last week checked this morning 3 were occupied bolted two   cleanly dispatched by farmers son with shotgun  dug one at 1.3m farmer more than happy getting full run of his cousins land as well lad can’t wait to get out in couple of days





Did you dig it with a border?

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I’ve not found much to ground either but the dogs pushed plenty out of cover this year in some really surprising spots 

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Well done on getting the lad out mate .Seems  to be fewer and fewer want to know the game anymore and that’s what will kill it eventually

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Teach them the right way to do things from the start and respect the quarry he loves going first time he got to use the T bar the young bitch that does the work is his  since day she was born in kitchen he lead walks the pair of them every day unless it’s pissing it down after school he can’t wait till Sunday till we out again 

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Enjoyed this.We should judge ourselves by the generation we produce .Same with mutts lol.t his my daughter buried under all them clothes and life jacket.I told her she could only grow up to date a terrier man she has yet to realize the nearest one is 6 hour drive 


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