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Fireplace design

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I'm in the process off knocking my fireplace out to fit a log burner. I quite like this design, plain white walls. Iv fitted ones for family but just used brick to build a simple square fireplace. 

If I board it out with fire resistant board what does it get skimmed with? Normal plaster? Will that not just crack with the heat? 


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Yes in the shop

This is what I've done ... I fitted a floating oak beam as a mantelpiece and used 2" angle iron for the surround.   

Just for reference lads ,no tradesmen needed .They can be fitted on a building notice through building control .The burner must have a minimum of 300mm clearance round it .The hearth must be of dense

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you could pva the sh1t out of the board but I recon the plaster will still drop off/fracture

like myersbg said above lime render is good...I’d rough it out from the brickwork and forget the board on the sides! 

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If you use an powerpanel aqua board to board out all you have to do is paint in.

can it from jewsons or Travis at about £30/sheet

this is what our fitters do and did on mine as well with no issues


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7 minutes ago, scothunter said:

You get those scuttles on Amazon in dark and copper.

Bet a few on here when kids had the Fifestone fireplaces. It was all the rage back then and not a real fire to be seen lol

old melted holed ash covered plastic handle missing coal bucket we had.the fecking thing needed throwing on the fire.and the ginger cat the nasty fecker.

that bucket seen more hot ash's than the fire place

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38 minutes ago, king said:

that looks lovely dido you done a good job on that fair play.old rustic look about it.i also like the multi directional flue.

Cheers pal, was worried my pointing was a bit rough. But then iv always been an all rounder 👍

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6 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

Cheers pal, was worried my pointing was a bit rough. But then iv always been an all rounder 👍

rough no far from it.looks great.i see you have fitted a dust suppression unit to the left hand side.that could double as a fire doubter incase a big unannounced storm rolls in from the west.

i bet kanny is allready on the hammer and bolster smashing holes to accept some pipe work.

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