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Few Hours In The Bush.

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Went to have a go at the pigeons this afternoon with Stuart.As we arrived it was raining so we waited and eventually we decided to just stand under a couple of oak trees that were on a flight line.We never bothered with setting up a hide as we did not want to get everything wet.So with just guns ,cartridges and a drink we shot from 1300 till 1600 when it started to rain heavily and we picked up and packed in.We got 39 wood pigeons,1 crow and 7 ferals .



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nice going for the conditions mate

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I don't know how you lads get so many in such a small time

Great shooting lads


We just got under the flight line and there were enough birds using it to shoot at despite the rain.


Yep you old boys seem to be knocking plenty down , nice afternoon .

If it had not started raining heavily we would have had a few more,as they were just coming in to the field to feed.

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Nice going, it is surprising how an improvised position can sometimes work really well.



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