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D Lloyd

Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

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For those of you who have been following my plans to bring out my own lamp, I am sorry to say it will not be happening for this coming season. In short, the big lamp companies have taken up all the factory manufacturing time, and I'm not willing to delay my launch to the middle of the season and risk missing the boat.


I will have plenty of other good LED lamps in stock for this coming season, just PM me and I promise to be the best on price and service with most lamps posted the same day payment is received.


HOWEVER... after much testing and tweaking, my Lithium Batteries ARE ready! Both the 10Ah and 20Ah batteries are being manufactured as I write this and will be in stock for sale in August.


Run-time testing so far has yielded fantastic results: testing with the largest 45w LED lamp, the 10Ah battery has a run-time of 3hr 30mins constant use, and the 20Ah a very impressive 7hr constant use. I'm planning further testing in the next few days with 100w halogen lamp, and will update this post as soon as I have results.


Included in the box is your Lithium Battery (10Ah or 20Ah) with LED fuel gauge display, AC Mains Charger, DC Car Charger, Cigar Plug Output Connector, and your One Year Warranty.


To keep my prices low I have chosen not to include a bag as standard, as many people choose to use their own anyway, but I will have bags available at an extra cost upon request.



10Ah Lithium Battery is £105 with FREE p&p

20Ah Lithium Battery is £175 with FREE p&p





This discount means you get a 20Ah battery for £165, or a 10Ah for just £95! You will not find equivalent Lithium Batteries anywhere for less.

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I will take some of my prototype battery's later and put them on and yes hard Walter proof case

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I will take some of my prototype battery's later and put them on and yes hard Walter proof case


Who is walter? :hmm:

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