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Beddlington Terriers

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Hi all


Just acquired some good permission for ferreting, ive done ferreting in the past with some friends its good fun and great for the families.

So i was at a show this weekend and got a couple of good 8 week old jills. Also was gifted a work 1 year old jill, so once my nets and locators arrive im all set.


For my first season going to just be working the permission with a friend and his beddy whip. However i would like my own dogs for ferreting one day as i dont think my two Bull X's will like the ferrets too much haha.


So ive always had a passion for beddlington terriers as a breed and i think its a shame they don't work as much as other breeds. So just looking to get few opinions on how a couple would do running the nets would also use them for rats and if anyone knows of anyone breeders of working beddies.


Thanks Joe

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Beddies can make great ferreting dogs mate if brought up right, the same as any other dog really. I got a Beddie and a Beddie x whippet and I wouldn't be without them on my hunting trips. A good Beddie whippet is worth their weight in gold to a ferreter. Atb Adam

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If it's out of working stock and you put the time and effort into it, you will end up with the perfect little ferreting companion in a Beddie whippet. Great honest little dogs. Believe it or not you even get a few that dont mind the sharp end. Atb Adam

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Cant use a lurcher on my permissions. For the past 10 years used a bedlington great marker find a needle in a haystack type. All in woodland /scrubland crappy land really. Give me no real problems training wise great temperament also. Not a dog for bolters but works great with the nets a good sensible little dog.

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mi beddy x lakey dus a good job ferreting bushing and marking but it dont get much of a chance on the bolters with my tow luchers about ther just 2 quick and no ther jobs well. but the terrier is grate for the holes that are thick with cover and thick hedge rows

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Clever wee dogs the beddy crosses. Mine was very head strong and hard to train. Never makes eye contact and stares into space when your talking to her. I only got her for ferreting but shes tuŕned out good on the lamp too and trys and tackles bigger stuff than rabbits.

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My experience with my beddy whippet was a good one and I don't recall ever regretting any thing about her. Absolute pleasure in all respects as I recall




Terry, that picture could be a snap shot of my youth, bag of ferrets, terrier, little lurcher and the trusty Baikal single barrel.....happy days.




yes that sums it up when I took that terrier I never left with out a ferret oh and a shovel. Even in middle of summer if he marked in the middle of a gorse bank I all ways honoured his mark and we got the bugger out lol then home for bowl of grans stew. As you say great days

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I'd get a lurcher with a bit of beddy and some collie in the mix..something around 22-24" .


I love Bedlington's... But not a pure for bunnies and to be honest a beddy x whippet is not what I would go for.. all the ones I have ever seen work lack what a collie X brings to the mix.


I bought a nice pure bitch a couple of years ago for the mother -in- law as a gift etc etc.. its a cracking looking little dog.. but it would be more suited to bushing and digging than a top notch ferreting dog that's a cert.. Wooden headed is all can describe it and all the others I've seen.

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