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  1. dpb82uk

    Fly Fishing For Pike

    thanks for the info i normaly a 2.75 carp rod or my 3lb pike rod and 25lb breid or 18 to 30lb line with a strong wier trace of 20lb to 50lb for all my pike fishing but pikeing looks fun on a fly rod
  2. dpb82uk

    Fly Fishing For Pike

    no was a smaller cheeper lake ner by ladybower
  3. a fella i took him and his dog out ferreting and lamping when he had no permishion took me fly fishing no 1 on the lake got out that day but we was on a lake up ner snakes pass i think i did in joyed it sumthing diffrent and all but weeks later saw a fella fly fishing for pike on my local pond and he was catching pritty much evry cast wood like to no what rod reel and line to get for mostly pike and carp
  4. dpb82uk

    Beddlington Terriers

    mi beddy x lakey dus a good job ferreting bushing and marking but it dont get much of a chance on the bolters with my tow luchers about ther just 2 quick and no ther jobs well. but the terrier is grate for the holes that are thick with cover and thick hedge rows
  5. dpb82uk

    Nets Locators.

    how much for the 3 collars if you still got them
  6. dpb82uk

    Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

    thats all im after 3 or 4 pairs can breed me own young . iv rang a lymm flying club is mi local the fella sed ther menbers that will moor than likely let me go ther lofts an way for the birds to come in off a race or just to see how things are dun so i think ill go along to the meetings and learn what i can and just keep me eyes open for sum birds
  7. dpb82uk

    Touched By A Crow

    just as long as no other crow seen you do it
  8. dpb82uk

    Anyone Make Mead

  9. dpb82uk

    Anyone Make Mead

    iv just learnt about mead off a fella in work dus any one make it got any tips or recipe
  10. dpb82uk

    Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

    im not after a big team of birds to start with in less i can get a allotment but i think im going to get few pairs of stock birds and go form ther had a nice offer off a member thats packing in so ill be startin off with a few top birds as stock pairs
  11. dpb82uk

    Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

  12. dpb82uk

    Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

    I've always found later bred young birds of a pair say 3rd/4th round are not as strong as 1st/2nd round, I reckon parents don't feed them as well after a few rounds. But some late breds of race birds who's fit and just finished racing should be bang on for you to try out thanks
  13. dpb82uk

    Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

    was going get some say 6 to start with and i no a fair bit about health and keeping just no nout about the race part. i dont no but id say depending on if the late birds are bred off strong healthy birds the young shud be just as good as a early bread
  14. dpb82uk

    Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

    if i shud start by getting a mixd team of young birds sum hans and cocks and train them and race them when older and homeing well or if i shud get sum good stock birds breed them and race ther young when ther flying home wel allso sum in fo on the raceing seasons iv redup on feeding and health breeding and training i no where a pigeon club meets so am going to turn up on ther next meet
  15. im after sum info on keeping and raceing pigeons