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  1. Hi all Just acquired some good permission for ferreting, ive done ferreting in the past with some friends its good fun and great for the families. So i was at a show this weekend and got a couple of good 8 week old jills. Also was gifted a work 1 year old jill, so once my nets and locators arrive im all set. For my first season going to just be working the permission with a friend and his beddy whip. However i would like my own dogs for ferreting one day as i dont think my two Bull X's will like the ferrets too much haha. So ive always had a passion for beddlington terriers as a
  2. sorry for all the sore necks attempting to look at this photo haha
  3. Morris is my first gundog did a season beating for the first time loved it and was gifted him as a non worker by a friend from the shoot. However after much reading practice and patience he is mad for cover thick, thin, sharp or soft he loves it. He just had his tail done at 12 months so has been rest up for 2 weeks now a couple more to go just glad i was able to get it done by my vet. Real treat to work with, picks things up quick and has even started picking up for me, still working on him spitting it out just before my feet but getting there just thought id share thanks Joe
  4. Cheers bud, i have a plan to get them used to ferrets just lots of handling the ferret in front of the dog, sniffing through the kennel and so on. Even take the ferret on little walk with the dog up the road when there a bit further on.
  5. Hi all Im new too hunting in general my first proper season, been doing a lot of lamping this year with my Bull Grey and my Beddy bullgrey pup. However lamping can be very taxing when you work at 5 in the morning on shifts, plus nights every three weeks. So i am looking to broaden my horizons and add another notch to my belt for next season i have been ferreting a couple of times with some mates ad its a good fun day. Just looking for some tips to start ferreting and whats the best way to get into it ? cheers all Joe P.S some pics of the two dogs i work
  6. Can i put some of that in my bull X lines ? haha
  7. Cheers man i do everytime but there no feeling like that first catch
  8. Boom and so it finally happens !!! Just out as i have been practicing, and my luck finally changes as Jet has been getting closer and closer was just a matter of time. He bagged his first rabbit tonight, with a superb run at that. Here is a PIC.
  9. Thanks Terry yeah still learning the ropes myself not as simple as it seems haha, hard to avoid the bushes my local area are a nightmare they are everywhere !! haha
  10. Well an update. So went out tonight with the lad started off promising cloud around not to bright (this soon changed), by the time i got to the field sky was clear not a cloud around stars shining bright and not a tiny bit of wind. Wonderful ! i thought to my self however this didn't stop, took on everyone's advice and although we didn't manage to bag any bunnies HUGE improvements have been made. 4 slips in total with 3 very good runs, following the beam and as soon as the bunnies made it to a bush he had a quick look to see if he could get in the bush and then ran straight back to me
  11. I was lamping with a buddy of mine on his permission earlier in the season, and horses had been dropped on the land without permission of the land owner. Both me and my friend unaware of the horses, the dog we were running is usually a good dog and for some reason she just bolted into the next field. Thats when we heard the horses so we gave a shine to see the dog and there she was running tail between leg with 5 big black and white horses chasing the dog. It was only down to pure luck and a bit of whit from the dog she dived headfirst into a heavy thorn thicket, to which a horse stuck its
  12. Well im off out tonight with him too a place with a much smaller rabbit population so fingers crossed ill keep you all posted.
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