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I've had quite a few Jagdterriers. Most of mine are very friendly if I'm there but terrors when I'm not. I've had friends that fed dogs for me while I'm out of town and the Jagdterriers have not only tried to bite them but some went airborne and tried to get them by the neck. They don't fool around at all. They're great dogs if given discipline at an early age and you can catch nearly anything on the planet with them. I've run everything we have here with them including bears and coyotes. I have friends that have run them on mtn. lions. I know of a guy in British Columbia, Canada that guided grizzly and mtn. lion hunts for years with nothing but a pack of Jagdterriers.


Mine were well behaved enough to do animal damage control work in people's homes and farms. They hung around all afternoon playing with kids at pool parties but try to get in my yard and screw around when I'm not home and you better have big hands because you'll need them to cover your windpipe. ;)


I'm including a disclaimer here. I spent nearly all of my time with those Jagdterriers and that was a good part of why they had good even temperments. They are not for novice handlers and they are not for people that just put their dogs on a chain or in a kennel a lot of the time. If left to their own devices, they can be wicked.

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As a deterrent,.the average GSD is the boss,...folk are scared of them,...its kinda engrained in our psych to be spooked by a wolf like critter......   All this silly,.. Billy Big Bollocks talk abo

Just a shout for the bouvier as an excellent natural guard and bomb proof with the family. Had this bitch from 9 weeks old and she has never put a foot wrong, bit of handful in the her youth but once

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I like out gsd she’s nowt fancy but she’s very protective of our house and car and she is so gentle with my young daughter ( I can’t raise my voice at her tho or the dog is watching me ) she thinks she is a Whippet looking forward to ferreting with her this back end 


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It's a big responsibility to have a dog that can do harm,even if some toe rags deserve it. 

 Becomes even more serious if they are trained to bite ,and you better have faith in your dogs training and socialization. 

 A big dopey Barker would be enough for me.

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