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Any Hgv Drivers In Here

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I have my hgv license but don't do it for a living money is shite these days then they want cpc test 500 quid every five years so you pay 100 a year to be a truck driver :(

company will always.cover that for you.round here but your right moneys shite
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I got class 2. Did a bit of relief work when I first passed, been handy to have if Iv need to borrow a 7.5t but bollocks to doing it for a living for minimum wage.


I only got it as I thought it would be handy over the years or if I had a quiet period....now with CPC it's worth nothing to me as a stop gap.

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Cheers lads I passed few months back finding it hard to get started, I want to do my class one next year to but no one wants to give you work with no experience how does that work lol

Keep ringing around and don't give up.

Someone out there will give you a start.

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You are better off starting with agencies the money is much better if you go limited company and they take on inexperienced drivers if you get on the [BANNED TEXT] jobs you can make good money but your [BANNED TEXT] it is shite unless your a loner and don't mind being away from home all week

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I jacked it all in few month ago,I was.never going to be a full time lorry driver but needed class 2 to operate vehicle mounted cherry pickers and that's good money,do a little delivery round in a van now Mon to Fri start at 3 in morning home for breakfast money shite but more time out with dogs than I ever had in the past,good enough for me


Any luck signing up with the agency mate?

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