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Mixed Emotions On This One

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I recently had rats in the walls of my house which the wifes been going batshit about so it was zero tolerance on the vermin at chateau Matt.


I've trapped a fair few and had poison down in the right places (I realised only too late not to put it in the attic after reading a reply on here and the loftspace stunk for a month!). Anyway - it seems like id been feeding the whole county's rat population as I was going through buckets of the stuff so I decided to start baiting the fenns with rat pasta tied on with a bit of copper wire.


Sadly I found this fella in the fenn set in my woodpile. I guess my chickens got away with it - in fact I cant believe I haven't lost any - but I used to keep working ferrets and can't help feel a bit sick about this one.




Wild Polecats in Somerset though or a escaped / abandoned pet?

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Yes mate , I can understand you being gutted at catching that . I've been a ferreting man for about 35 years and that would sicken me , but sh1t happens , sorry to see it , give him a decent burial and crack on with the rats .

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