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The collars dont link up. The box just recieves the signal from the box. A bellman collar will work with the box but id say you wont get a mark if you have two collars on at once, they will interfere with eachother. Why do you need two on at once?

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I love the way people jump to conclusions straight away thinking about putting 2 dogs in the same Earth at the same time don't you ever think to ask first? Wank wods!! I enquired if you can link 2 collars up to a box as when out on a walk the other day and one of the dogs happened to fall down a 16ft man hole. It's just as a safety precaution for the future incase something like this happens again on a normal walk. I got a pup to bring on and wanted to check if there's something out there like the bellman or another device you can link 2 collars too just to see their where abouts incase you lose sight / track of them.

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I've got three collars an there all turned on as soon as I get to land an not turned off till I get back to my truck to go home, an I only ever let one dog of lead at a time, my worst nightmare Would be digging to two of mine in together, they can't be trusted on top together. Had one go awol today, found him in a massive old place,got box out thinking 10ft er, found him at 0.5😀

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